Sky's the limit at Ferri's 'Our Amazing Earth'


There were some amazing events held recently inside and outside Nicholas A. Ferri Middle School.

There were some amazing displays in the school’s often-used and unnamed library.

There were some amazing speeches from Ferri’s super students that tugged at the heartstrings of family, friends and faculty members.

There were some amazing educational experiences during a 90-minute program coordinated by Joan Wright, Ferri’s Special Education Teacher in Life Skills Classroom.

In short, “Our Amazing Earth” project, which helped Ferri close out its academic year on an extraordinary note, was nothing less than spectacular replete with a hand-made displays and a huge billboard-like display that covered an entire bulletin board.

“This presentation is about saving the environment,” Wright said. “It’s about animals and creating a peaceful Earth.”

From the time Katie Ann Rodrigues, who served as the morning’s emcee, issued a warm welcome to an overflow audience, a total of 12 students took their turn at the microphone to present their personally and professional looking projects.

Those fantastic Ferri students who each had their special spot during the highly-informative program, were: David Collins, alligator, vulture; Elyssa Collins, hummingbird, dolphin; John Ford, sheep, tiger; Dominic Gondreau, pygmy marmoset monkey; Lucio La Terra Bellina, horse, pig; and Tyson O’Donnell, kangaroo, arctic wolf.

Also, Michael Perugino, robin, polar bear; Kelsey Phouthakoun, zebra, deer; Kenny Privitera, turtle, giraffe; Hailee Quinn, whale, butterfly; Katie Ann Rodrigues, elephant, seahorse; and Kaylee Vanstone, panda, monkey.

The “Our Amazing Earth” project also included students learning about the importance of saving the planet Earth, recycling and keeping the Earth clean and how it is important to plant trees and flowers to help the Earth.

At the conclusion of the program, the Ferri students – their families, friends and faculty members – went outside under a sparkling sun and planted a Japanese Maple Tree that Wright noted was an idea from a student.

The planting and necessary digging was performed Principal Matt Tsonos who rolled up his sleeves saying “I don’t mind a little dirt for such an important and special project.”

“Our Amazing Earth” project also included the importance of recycling paper, cardboard glass, plastic bottles and cans and how it is important to donate used clothes, toys and household things to help other people.

The Ferri students learned how pollution is harmful to people, animals, plants and the environment and how when people litter, the trash goes in the water and is harmful to animals.

Each of the exceptionally well-done presentations met with roaring approval from an attentive audience, most especially their fellow Ferri classmates. Which went along nicely, as someone pointed out, that the students learned – via watching the movie “Wonder” – people should always show kindness. Cutlines for pix on sheets slugged 06-14-18 1339

FERRI 1 IMG 5068


Ferri Middle School Special Education Teacher Joan Wright joins Katie Ann Rodriguez at the microphone during the recent opening of the student presented “Our Amazing Earth” project that closed out the academic year. FERRI 2 IMG 5074


Michael Perugino’s presentation focused on the robin and polar bear during his recent presentation at Ferri Middle School. FERRI 3 IMG 5060


Ferri students David Collins, Tyson O’Donnell, Kelsey Phouthakoun, Kenny Privitera and Katie Ann Rodriguez all helped build this unusual grassland habitat that was part of the “Our Amazing Earth” presentation. FERRI 4 IMG 5063


This rainforest habitat was done exclusively by Ferri student Dominic Gondreau for the recent “Our Amazing Earth” project. ******FERRI 5 SUBMITTE*** Joan asked if we could use this


Lucio La Terra Bellina, a student at Ferri Middle School, plants flowers at the tree site as Teacher Assistant Toni Esposito looks on. FERRI 6 IMG 5067-5068


Ferri Middle School Principal Matt Tsonos nears the finish of digging a hole to plant a Japanese Maple Tree that concluded a special project named “Our Amazing Earth” that was coordinated by Special Education Teacher in Life Skills Classroom Joan Wright.


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