RI’s moment on the big stage

As we write this week, voters are going to the polls. By the time of publication, the results of the Rhode Island presidential primary – barring a razor-thin margin or other unexpected issue – …

Legalization of marijuana puts tax revenue ahead of health

In November of 1998 the Attorney's General of 46 states including Rhode Island filed a class action lawsuit against the leading tobacco industries that tobacco is harmful and addictive. As a result of this lawsuit the tobacco industry

Instant-runoff voting would invigorate election process

Rhode Island has experienced something very unfortunate. For two elections, in a row, we are represented by a Governor for whom a majority of Rhode Island voters have voted against. Instant-runoff …


Why John Kasich

To the Editor: John Kasich should be the overwhelming choice of not only Republicans but also all Americans as their candidate for President of the United States. He has served superbly in the …

Sun Rise Scoops

Networking at Night Join the Northern RI Chamber of Commerce for a night of networking at the Johnston Historical Society on May 9 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The Johnston Historical Society is located …

Nothing but smoke and mirrors

By ALEXANDER POLLAN In times of financial trouble for Rhode Island, it is not out of character to study the old mantra When Nothing Goes Right, Go Left. While some may be seen shouting from the rooftops urging the state government to wave their magic