Beacon Communications

1944 Warwick Avenue
Warwick RI, 02889
Phone: (401)732-3100, Fax: (401)732-3110

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John Howell, Editor/Publisher

Richard Fleischer, General Manager

Matt Metcalf, Sports Editor

Jacob Maroco, Assistant Sports Editor

Tim Forsberg, Editor

Tessa Roy, Reporter

Meri Kennedy, Columnist/Reporter

Don Fowler, Arts and Entertainment/Food/Freelance Reporter

Jennifer Cowart, Freelance Reporter - Cranston Herald

Pam Schiff,  Freelance Reporter - Cranston Herald

Pete Fontaine, Freelance Reporter - Johnston Sun Rise

Lisa (Mardenli) Cohen, Director of National/Major Accounts

Suzanne Wendoloski, Sales - Warwick Beacon

Janice Torilli, Sales - Warwick Beacon

Donna Zarrella, Sales - Cranston Herald & PrimeTime

Sue Howarth, Classifieds

Bob Giberti, Manager of Promotional Products - RhodyPrints

Linda Nadeau, Creative Director

Lisa Bourque Yuettner, Advertising Coordinator

Brian Geary, Production

Lynne Taylor, Chief Financial Officer

Leslie (Paz) Andujar, Accounting & Circulation

Margaret Andreozzi, Accounting

Jerry Charnley, Circulation, Mechanic, Handyman, Master of All Things

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