Johnston High School students dismissed early Wednesday

It was an early day for students at Johnston High School on Wednesday when school was dismissed mid-morning following a heating issue at the building. “We have a greenhouse that’s attached to …

Balanced scoring effort helps Johnston overpower Tolman

The Johnston girls’ basketball team improved to 5-0 last Wednesday evening with an overwhelming, 54-21 victory against Tolman. The Panthers overpowered the visiting Tigers out of the gate, …

Police Log

ASSAULT On December 21 at approximately 2:11 p.m., Patrolman Derek Parascandolo responded to Green Hill Road for an assault that had already occurred. Dispatch had advised that the Johnston Fire Department rescue was on the scene and had contacted the

All states require background checks for concealed carry permits

To the Editor: I don't want no wild-eyed, gun totin' good ole boys from out west comin' up here to Row Dylan packin' heat. This seems to be the sentiment of critics like Cranston's Tom Wojick, who is concerned that the Fix NICS Act" of 2017 will"

Study shows Rhody drivers aren’t worst in country

By ETHAN HARTLEY -- Contrary to what some may think, Rhode Island does NOT have the worst drivers in the country. However that doesn't mean we're particularly good either.

Where does all this stuff come from?

How often do you think about where things come from? We don't just mean whether or not you check if your candy comes from a factory that processes tree nuts, or if you know the farm where your vegetables were grown, picked, washed and delivered from. Do