My new normal

I can't eat food anymore. Gone are the days of baked stuffed shrimp at Twin Oaks, a cheeseburger at The Thirsty Beaver or breakfast at Miss Cranston Diner. I now eat through a PICC line in my left upper arm. I live 24/7 in nausea and

A’s heading back to Town Hall after championship

It might not be the White House and it’s certainly not the World Series, however, the Countyview Landscaping-sponsor Athletics are going back to the Johnston Town Hall. That’s the honor that …

Police Log

The Police Log is a digest of reports provided by the Johnston and Rhode Island State Police Departments. OUTSTANDING WARRANT On Aug. 9 around 9:22 a.m., Officer Richard Varan conducted a motor vehicle stop in the area of 1088 Plainfield St. The front

‘Ex-presidents not required to engage in political or benevolent activities’

To the Editor: Of all the patently ridiculous and pathetic slurs aimed at former president Obama, John Cervone has reached a new level of inanity. After ranting about Obama’s record while in …

School challenge

As if teaching a room full of teenagers at the peak of their hormone production and social-emotional development wasn’t difficult enough when the most distracting form of inter-student …

Funding higher education is not a waste of money

There is something disheartening about looking over the reaction to the rollout of the Rhode Island Promise scholarship program and seeing a significant amount of kneejerk, negative feedback. Perhaps that's just human nature. There are nearly twice as