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(Coming of age movie)

“Measure of a Man” is a nice little coming of age movie that deals head-on with bullying, teen unpopularity and self-image. The movie is based on a young-adult novel and was filmed in Rhode Island. You may recognize Camp Hoffman and some of the waterfront areas.
Blake Cooper plays Bobby Marks, an overweight teen who tells his tale of a summer on a lake in upper New York state, where his one friend leaves for half of the summer, leaving him to find a job to occupy his time and keep him away from the local bullies. Bobby lands a job cutting grass and doing yard work for an eccentric but wise Dr. Kahn (Donald Sutherland), who underpays him, drives him and also offers some interesting advice.
During the course of the summer, Bobby deals with the local bullies, covers for his older sister, copes with his parents’ strained relationship, and grows into a more mature and self-confident young man.
We’ve seen coming of age movies many times before, but this one is done ever so gently and subtly that you can easily feel sympathy, and probably empathy, for Bobby as he struggles with how to handle bullies.
Watch carefully as Dr. Kahn gives Bobby his final pay envelope and you’ll learn more about this wise old man. This is the type of movie you often see at a film festival. It is given a special showing at Warwick Showcase.
Rated PG-13, with some profanity, ethnic slurs and sexual overtones, but suitable for mature teens who just might relate to Bobby.


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