Whitehouse sounds alarm on climate change


U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse is doing all he can to bring awareness and take action against climate change, and as Rhode Islanders, we should be proud.

He may represent the smallest state, but Whitehouse understands the impact climate change has had on the country and is preparing to give his 50th speech on the Senate floor concerning climate change this week. His message is consistent: Our world is changing and Congress needs to wake up and do something now, before it’s too late.

Not only does Whitehouse speak about climate change, but also he takes action.

He is the co-founder and co-chair of both the Bicameral Task Force on Climate Change and the bipartisan Senate Oceans Caucus. He has sponsored legislation concerning climate change, including calling for a carbon fee to be paid by large polluters, and applauds the Obama Administration for efforts they have taken to combat climate change.

Whitehouse’s many speeches and reports can be found on his website, along with this quote explaining his reasoning behind these efforts. “I speak out on climate change each week because the cost of Congress’ inaction is too high for our communities, our kids and our future.”

While introducing him at last week’s EPA Climate Leaders Summit, Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management Director Janet Coit credited Whitehouse with being a leader for this cause in Washington, D.C. and for bringing a number of his colleagues on board by presenting his facts and charts on the Senate floor week after week.

With constant coverage of Congress’ failures, the power struggle between Republicans and Democrats on both sides of the Capitol building and the taste of the recent government shutdown still in our mouths, it can be easy to forget just how hard our Congressional delegation can fight for the causes that are important to our state and the rest of the country.

Rhode Island has more than 400 miles of coastline threatened by rising sea levels. We may be lucky enough to experience all four seasons, but those seasons are becoming increasingly unpredictable. We have also had experiences of Superstorm Sandy, Blizzard Nemo and a number of major flooding events in recent years.

It is impossible to deny that climate change is real and it is a threat. It is not simply resulting in warmer weather; we are witnessing the increasing power of storms and rising sea levels.

Thank you Senator Whitehouse for sounding the alarm and fighting to activate Congress before it is too late.


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Mr. Howell.....how can you praise Whitehouse when he is doing nothing to promote any compliance of India and China? He is going to pass fees, regulations, and carbon taxes, increase the price of domestic cars, etc. and not make one iota of difference in the climate change he claims is so dangerous. How can you not report on that? You constantly talk about the science behind climate change but there is also science (math) behind the fact that China and India combined are polluting at an alarming rate yet Whitehouse will do nothing about that. Therefore, any taxes/burden imposed upon Americans is criminal in what it will do to us.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

China is changing...they have to if they want to survive. This has nothing to do with taxes. If everyone recycled, if everyone reused stuff, if everyone did their part to live more sustainable we wouldn't be in this mess. RI continues to make steady progress such as the recent solar power story I read. That is what we need more of that. Since Pres.Obama has been in office he has made it clear he wants better gas mileage out of vehicles and all of a sudden 40 plus mpg is becoming the norm. The technology has been available for years but the big oil and gas companies don't want cars to burn less fuel. They don't care about the environment. All they care about is greed of money. So, one must consider the other side of the coin. The side which exhibits greed, corruption, and moral injustices against the environment. The fear people have is more taxes. I feel everyone's pain. But, living a more sustainable life style as a individual and as a nation doesn't have to include an increase in taxes. Now, the taxes levied against the big greedy corporations who are destroying the environment to increase the bottom line is the only thing they understand...hurt em in their pockets.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013