Vote them out


To the Editor:
I agree wholeheartedly with the high school students who have had enough of the rhetoric that comes out of Washington. I praise them for having the courage to speak up and let their voices be heard. Also, they should not be punished for leaving their classrooms to march; that is truly unfair.
Their motto is “Vote Them Out.” I agree, but let’s go a little further. They are angry at the gun laws in this country. Personally, I, too, believe that a person’s mental capacity should be taken into view before giving them an instrument of destruction. But I also believe it is time to vote out these sycophants in the U.S. Senate and Congress who become millionaires on the taxpayers’ money. Did you ever listen to one of their sessions? They are so immature and idiotic and boring that the viewer is lulled into a coma if this nonsense is watched for too long.
Let’s also vote out the pedophiles, racists, thieves and the rest of these ignorant characters that make a living on the backs of real Americans. That should pretty much empty out that den of inequity. And let us not forget our own homegrown pedophile senator (I say that while grinding my teeth) Nicholas D. Kettle, another disgrace that used power to destroy others’ lives. Get all of them out!

John Cervone
North Providence


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@John Cervone You may not realize that Broward County had laws in place that would have stopped the murderer from purchasing a firearm. They also had a program in place called "Eliminating the School to Prison Pipeline" that covered up violent infractions of the law that would have been reveled in the BCI check if sent through proper channels. Some of the threats made by the murderer would have been felonies. So before you ask for more laws understand what went wrong.

Monday, March 12, 2018