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(Murder mystery farce)
The writers of this bizarre murder-mystery farce take a slightly bizarre approach to the genre. “Ready or Not” is a bit over the top, but its tongue-in-cheek humor will have you laughing.
Samara Weaving plays Grace, an innocent young lady who marries into a wealthy but deranged family. Before the marriage can be consummated, Grace must play a game of Hide and Seek in the huge mansion with the weird family. What she doesn’t know is that if she is caught before the sun rises, she will meet her demise.
The group comes after her with guns, swords, crossbows and every device available as she narrowly escapes. The family members kill each other off in their attempts to kill Grace in some hysterical and bloody scenes.
Guess who survives and has the final hilarious word?
Rated R for profanity, violence, and a warped sense of humor.


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