Mayors announce coalition for college affordability


Mayors from six Rhode Island cities announced their support for Rhode Island’s Promise scholarship, a proposal that would guarantee two years of free college tuition for Rhode Island students at the University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island College, and the Community College of Rhode Island.

“Students of all economic backgrounds should have the opportunity to succeed,” said Johnston Mayor Joseph M. Polisena. “Providing two years of free college will position Rhode Island as a leader in education.”

“As municipal leaders, we spend our days talking about ways to invest into our cities economic and fiscal futures. I believe a key component to each of our future successes is also the investment we make into our students and their education,” said Warwick Mayor Scott Avedisian. “The creation of such an initiative will act as a complement to the existing programs already in place that allow students to earn college credits while still in high school. By alleviating some of the financial burden, I believe our students not only take advantage of such programs but have true ownership over their educational success.”

“I’m happy to join a coalition of mayors who know that this is one of the greatest investments we can make in our kids’ futures,” said Providence Mayor Jorge O. Elorza. “I firmly believe that access to college will make all the difference in the lives of our children, and that is why I applaud Governor Raimondo for this proposal. I look forward to working closely with her to make this a reality.”

Along with Johnston, Warwick and Providence, the mayors of Central Falls, Pawtucket and Cumberland also backed the proposal.

Governor Gina M. Raimondo introduced the initiative as part of her fiscal year 2018 budget, which is now under consideration by the Rhode Island General Assembly. The Promise Scholarship guarantees students who qualify for in-state tuition and enroll full-time, right after high school (or after earning a GED) two years of free college beginning with high school seniors who graduate this spring.


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This is not free education. This is TAXPAYER-PAID education and anyone who says it is "free" isn't telling the truth.

It will start at $33 million a year and escalate from there. When the parties in charge get a blank check signed by the taxpayers LOOK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Besides; wasn't the profits from The Lottery supposed to go toward the high cost of education? Did any of it end up there? Even one dollar???

Please don't insult our intelligence and call it "Free".

Happy snow-day everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Non-Taxpayer Mayor continues to talk about people paying taxes. He obviously is speaking about everyone other than himself. Here are some facts: This has to do with the Non-Taxpayer Mayor and his delinquent car taxes.

Fact - His 2009-10 car tax payments - ALL PAID LATE

Fact - His 2010-11 car tax payments due July 15 2010 not paid until January 25 2012. 18 months late.

Fact - His 2011-12 car tax payments due July 15 2011 not paid until January 25 2012. 6 months late. (as he was not able to re-register the vehicle)

Fact - His 2012-13 car tax payments due July 15 2012 not paid until March 3 2013. 8 months late.

Fact - His 2016-17 car tax payments due July 15 2016 - No payments made as of this date. Late again. Habitually late.

Then there is the issue of the same time that he wasn't paying his property taxes, mysteriously, his car, although still parked at 177 Grand View Ave, in Warwick, mysteriously came off the tax roles and no taxes at all were paid on it. Most likely because it was unregistered, yet still on the road . So between 2013 - 2016 to what city was he paying a car tax to for the same car that has been in use all this time? Another example of the Non-Taxpayer Mayor's credibility.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Rather than address the important issue above Rob Cote (AKA TheCaptain) chooses to attack me on my late taxes. Yes he is absolutely right! Yes I paid them a little late and paid a little late fee. That means the City of Warwick got extra profit from my car tax revenue. The City is welcome. Now, can we get back to the issue at hand please? This taxpayer-paid education can't be ENTIRELY funded by my late fees. I promise!

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Friday, February 10, 2017

" A little late"? So almost 2 years late with taxes, and being forced to pay them to get your vehicle registered doesn't speak to your credibility as a businessman. Let alone of course the loss of your house due to tax sale and foreclosure. How can you expect to be taken seriously on any fiscal matter concerning the city when you are unable to manage your own fiscal obligations. What a joke! By the way, you still, after being notified publicly, haven't paid your car taxes. Biz must not be good. Need a loan??

Friday, February 10, 2017

If you think college is expensive now, wait until it's "free". A member of the RI state board of education has requested an internal audit of all non-teaching expenses at URI, CCRI, and RIC. He is now treated like he has the plague. There are far too many layers of "Associate" this and "Assistant" that have absolutely nothing to do with education, to include something called the "Safe Zone Project" at URI, sponsored (it's not free) by something called the "Gender and Sexuality Center". Thanks, RI taxpayer. Prior to chirping about the cost of "access to college", I'd inquire about what, exactly, goes on in the Gender and Sexuality Center.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Mayor Avedisian stating that, “I believe a key component to each of our future successes is also the investment we make into our students and their education” is nothing more than a bold face lie and it demonstrates his hypocrisy.

The fact is he doesn't give a dam about investing in Warwick students. How else could he justify practically level funded the school system over the last 10 years and spending 96% of all new tax dollars collected, on the city budget leaving nothing for student education.

And at the same time Avedisian policies have resulted in the necessary maintenance to school building being all but ignored by with holding tens of millions of dollars in bond money needed to repair them. When he final decided to release the money in an unprecedented move, he made the school department agree to pay the principle and interest on the bond money when he signed documents promising it would be paid by the city. No other school department in the state has to pay this cost.

When its come to Warwick's children, Mayor Avedisian turned his back on them a decade ago.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017