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* * * ½

(Eerie period piece)

This isn't Shakespeare, but it is a dark, eerie, English period piece from the mid-1800s that will leave you spellbound.

Florence Pugh gives a haunting performance as Katherine, a young woman who has been bought by a mean old father for his meaner son. She is treated with disrespect and both verbally and physically abused.

When husband and father-in-law leave her alone for a period of time, she ventures outside the cold, lonely estate and has many sexual encounters with a lowly worker. When her husband returns and discovers what is going on, this slow-moving tale picks up steam, with revolting and rebellious results.

And just when things quiet down, Katherine discovers a secret about her husband, and she reacts with drastic measures. If you want something different, this is a true art house movie, the kind of film you expect to see at the Avon.

Rated R, with sex, nudity and violence. 


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