Police Log - 06/20/19


The Police Log is a digest of reports provided by the Johnston Police, Rhode Island State Police and other departments.


Rhode Island State Police turned Viidy E. DeJesus, 23, 69 Congress Ave., Providence, over to Johnston Police on the morning of June 13.

DeJesus was arrested following an alleged incident on March 8. Patrolman Matthew Winsor responded to a report of a motor vehicle striking a pedestrian. Communications personnel advised that a delivery driver from an unknown business had struck the pedestrian before fleeing the scene.

Winsor spoke with the victim, who said that he ordered food from Pizza Queen through the delivery app Postmates after returning home from work. The man said that a short time later, a woman pulled in front of his residence in a black SUV, and he noticed some of the order was missing.

Police said the man noted that, when he asked the driver for identification, she drove away at a high rate of speed. Police said the man told them the driver ran over his right foot and twisted his knee. Winsor said he observed drag marks on the sole of the man’s right boot, indicating that it was dragged on the pavement.

Based on the man’s description of the operator and vehicle, as well as the Pizza Queen app indicating the order was taken by Viidy E.D., Winsor said it was believed the operator of the suspect vehicle was the registered owner, DeJesus. Winsor said that, despite saying it does not appear DeJesus intentionally drove at the alleged victim, he said he believed DeJesus did drive over the man’s right foot.

The man responded to JPD headquarters to review a photographic lineup on March 16, with Sgt. Luca Lancellotti Jr. serving as a blinded administrator. Lt. Michael J. Babbitt wrote that the man did pick DeJesus out as the female who allegedly struck him.

DeJesus was arrested on a felony charge of duty to stop, accident resulting in personal injury. She was held pending transport to Third Division District Court


Patrolman Nicholas A. Manocchio responded to the Home Depot at 100 Stone Hill Drive on the afternoon of June 6 for a report of shoplifting.

The store manager told Manocchio that, at the rear of the store, he observed a man walk outside the back door with about $2,000 worth of tools. The store manager told police the man exited through a restricted area not permitted for customers. Shortly after, Providence Police found the suspect vehicle at 22 Veazie St. in Providence. Lt. Joseph Salvadore and Patrolman Arthur Petteruti responded to 22 Veazie St. on the afternoon of June 6 to assist Providence Police.

Petteruti said that Providence Police had located the suspect vehicle of registered owner Elido Tejada Rodriguez, 26, 22 Veazie St., Providence. Rodriguez was wanted in relation to a charge of misdemeanor shoplifting. Rodriguez was later arraigned and released on $1,000 personal recognizance until a Third Division District Court date of June 17.

The alleged incident involving Rodriguez occurred at the same time as another alleged shoplifting at the store. He spoke with an off-duty police officer who said that he observed a man with a large box in a carriage attempt to pass all points of purchase while several store employees requested he stop and show them a receipt.

Manocchio was advised that the suspect waved a piece of paper in the air and continue to walk out of the store. A store employee exited to speak with the man. Manocchio said he was told that the officer left to assist the store employee, and that he believed shoplifting had occurred.

The officer displayed his police identification as the man backed out of his parking spot in a gray Dodge Durango, but the man accelerated to a point where the officer had to jump out of the way. The vehicle is registered to Rodriguez, police say, but he was not the one driving.

Manocchio also spoke with a store employee who witnessed the incident. She said the man walked through all points of purchase with a large air conditioner box in his carriage and ignored her when she asked for a receipt.

She told police that she saw the vehicle attempt to run into the officer after the showed his identification. Police are still seeking that suspect.

Police said Rodriguez was positively identified as the man who exited the store with the tools, but was not the man who had allegedly stolen the air conditioner.


Sgt. Luca Lancellotti Jr., Patrolman Derick Ofori and Patrolwoman Kayleigh T. Cooper responded to 776 Hartford Ave. on the afternoon of June 12 to locate Jordan Ramos.

Ramos, 22, 9 Duxbury St., Providence was wanted on a Johnston Police warrant for obstructing an officer in the execution of duty. Shortly after, Audrey T. Wood, 50, 776 Hartford Ave., responded to headquarters to turn herself. Wood was also wanted on a Johnston Police warrant for vandalism/malicious injury to property and disorderly conduct. They were both arraigned and released on $1,000 personal recognizance until a Third Division District Court date set for June 24.

Their arrests stemmed from an alleged incident on June 11 when Cooper, Patrolman Richard Varan and Patrolman Nicholas A. Manocchio responded to a report for an argument between neighbors. Cooper said she spoke with the calling party, who said her neighbor, Woods, was drunk and yelling at her through the window of her trailer. She said she then heard a loud thump.

Cooper said the calling party told her she believed Woods picked up the plants in front of her trailer and threw the first two on the ground, breaking the plant holders and egg-shaped lights, before falling not he ground. The calling party told Cooper that she saw Woods fall trying to pick up the third plant.

Lt. Michael Babbitt wrote a supplementary report after viewing surveillance video that he said showed Wood pick up the potted plant and throw it to the ground. He said he saw Wood then stumble and fall to the ground afterwards. Babbitt also determined that a witness statement given by Ramos was a “complete fabrication.”


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