It's frightening indeed


To the Editor:

Back in 1960, as a little boy, I remember seeing Khrushchev banging his shoe at the United Nations as the news networks replayed it endlessly. His anger was very frightening. As Khrushchev was pounding his shoe on the podium, he stated, “Your children’s children will live under communism. No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you will finally wake up and find that you already have communism. We won’t have to fight you; we’ll so weaken your economy, until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands.”

Communism is the belief that everything we own belongs to the state, in addition to all economic and social activity being controlled by a single political party.

When you consider the philosophy and ideology of the nowadays Democratic Party that embraces endless regulations, ever expanding government, excessive taxation and endless social programs that keep people dependant on government, and throw into the mix that government labor unions have taken control of our federal, state and local governments and have allied with the liberal elitists who scorn anyone who disagrees with them via political correctness, it’s frightening indeed.

Of our 113 legislators, only 10 are Republicans. Approximately 47 are either presently employed or retired from civil service, which is why our state has the highest taxation in the country in addition to our legislature being synonymous with corruption via backroom dealings, etc. What is even more frightening is when you consider the political correctness taking place in our unionized liberal public schools that prohibits religious expression and open honest debate in addition to countless proclaimed Marxists and socialist college professors. Brainwashing is taking place right before our eyes.

Also, the nowadays-Democratic Party embraces open borders and the continuation of printing trillions of dollars that not only undermines our currency but also our national security. When you consider the endless lies and cover-ups of the Obama Administration, “the union’s president,” and our very liberal congressional delegation that has not once complained of Obama’s actions and inactions, including recent revelations regarding the prisoner exchange of high level Taliban leaders, we are indeed “falling like overripe fruit.” More civil servants and the electorate need to listen to their conscience.

We all want job protection and benefits and wages that we can live on, but when you consider the outrageous endless costly provisions and resulting unsustainable entitlements in the contracts of civil servants that are worlds apart from the private sector, the real world, civil servants who would proclaim, “These things were promised to us and you can’t be take them away” or “Don’t blame us for the stupidity of the politicians or the people that keep voting them in,” don’t give a damn about our country or our future.

To sustain the status quo will necessitate higher taxation, including future taxation that will include how many miles we drive our cars, supplemental taxes, excise taxes, in addition to user fees, endless toll booths and inheritance taxes, in which one day when we die, government will keep everything we ever earned in this life. Tell me this isn’t communism.

In closing, when Khrushchev was referring to “we’ll,” “we” and “our,” he was referring to unsavory Americans who methodically, via the Democratic Party, have taken control of our institutions, e.g. education, judiciary, mainstream news outlets, school committees, city and town councils, legislatures and every major government department such as the EPA, IRS, Immigration Enforcement, National Labor Board, Justice Dept etc., right up to the presidency as the result of people only caring about themselves. Whoever thought 50 years ago someone running for public office advocating cost effective government, lowering taxes and protecting traditional family values would be scorned and persecuted? I hope the readers will pass this commentary around and give it full consideration because this next election could be the last time we may enjoy what is left of our freedoms.

Peter A. Filippi III



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At this time I'm getting signatures on my mayoral nomination papers; here are just a few reforms I would address if elected...

Reforms Proposals

1. Annual Budgets Review of every Dept. including contracts should be put on a database in which any questions residents would have would be readily available i.e. how much was paid out in sick days, personal days, bonuses, a full understanding how pensions are calculated, what attributed toward overtime expenses, including a breakdown of severance packages and healthcare plans etc... This reform would enable residents to finally understand the inner workings of our local government.

2. Our town should provide forums for candidates which would reduce costs and encourage newcomers in which residents would cast a much more informed ballot.

3. There should be run off elections whereas no candidate should win with less than 50% of votes.

4. We should have a voter initiative process that will enable residents via petition process to amend, abolish or introduce town ordinances including a recall process.

5 We should consider residency requirements in which workers will be less demanding, more productive and less wasteful…

6. Explore the feasibility of School Vouchers. The present cost per student is approximately $16,500 annually and climbing. Competition would enhance academics and bring down costs. Note: religious education, virtual education and home schooling is approximately half the cost of public education.

7. As for our various services we should consider privatization, wherever possible, and only pay wages and benefits that reflect the private sector that would unequivocally lower taxes.

8. We should have our own Housing Court that would address the many concerns that rental property owners and municipalities have including residents living in close vicinities. Their are tenants who know how to work the system as they move from dwelling to dwelling leaving landlords in financial ruin and neighborhoods in chaos i.e. trashing apartments, selling drugs, prostitution, various thefts, vandalism and disturbing the peace of other tenants etc... Perhaps working via the Building Inspector and Solicitors Office we could come up with a means for a nominal fee to address said concerns.

9. Safe Ride would enable Johnston Residents to get home safely with their vehicles in tow who have drank over the legal limit in any of our local establishments. We should consider the feasibility of a 25 cent supplemental tax on all alcoholic drinks that could bring out-of-pocket cost under $10.00; most people chance DUI because they do not want to leave their vehicles behind.

10. Annual Police Reports should be included in the Annual Budget Review that would show how many and what kind of citations were given out and the nature of crimes committed that would determine the size of our local department... Also, because of the Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights we need to give civilians the means to defend against any misleading police reports via having the right to a lie detector test in which if they are truthful would not have to pay for such test in which said officer would be required to submit to same and if it shows the report was intentionally misleading would be immediately fired.

11. We should televise the school and council meetings.

12. All litigation matters and costs should be reported in the Annual Review Report.

13. Create a Citizen Oversight Committee that would address complaints residents would have regarding the professionalism of town workers and services that would also be public record...

The above will indeed be an up hill battle because these proposals are based on commonsense that benefit all the people that the democratic machine of our town and state government have ignored for decades because of public unions and the liberal interests... To help bring about the above reforms simple make copies of this platform and distribute them around town and keep me posted to what streets have been canvassed, Thank You.

Conservative Republican Mayoral Candidate Peter A. Filippi III 474-4083

Friday, July 4, 2014