DePetro’s freedom of speech


To the Editor:

Elected government officials should not be trying to deny John DePetro of his constitutional right to freedom of speech and to freedom of the press (talk radio is the equivalent to newspaper Op-Eds). 

Their public pronouncements have caused their supporters to take sides and call for Mr. DePetro to lose his job. In a heavily Democratic state, WPRO’s listeners need Mr. DePetro’s conservative voice to level the political playing field in Rhode Island. I urge these elected officials to retract their statements and allow WPRO’s listeners to determine Mr. DePetro’s fate. 

Kenneth Berwick



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I couldn't agree more. The liberals and government labor union loyalists will pull out all the stops this year because they overall played their hand about 15 years to early as more life long well intentioned Democrats are realizing via ever increasing taxation and the dismantling of our healthcare system. They should have given political correctness more time to undermine commonsense. Anyway, I'm going down fighting, Peter A. Filippi III Founder of the Johnston Taxpayers Association. To join the effort contact jtaxassoc@aol.com

Saturday, January 4, 2014