Democrats did well at State of Union address


To the Editor:

After a dismal year in the White House, Donald Trump made preposterous claims of his accomplishments during his State of the Union message. The only one that stands out is the tax reform bill, which will benefit only the top echelon of our society.

Tax experts say Trump himself could gain over a billion dollars over the long run. Then Trump complained about the lack of applause from the Democratic members of Congress going as far as calling them traitors. He had enough lackeys in attendance to stroke his ego. They took their cues from the robot-like figures behind Trump who jumped up every few seconds for some inane statement uttered by our Liar-in-Chief. Since Trump lies almost every time he opens his mouth, how can one tell fact from fiction? The Democratic delegation did well to ignore the buffoon standing before them. Only a lame-brain would believe anything he says.

Trump, the originator of “fake news,” demands respect and loyalty but is unwilling to give any in return and so deserves none.

Anthony D’Abrosca



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