Johnston Police Log, Aug. 4, 2022


EDITOR'S NOTE: The following police log information has been taken from public record police incident and arrest reports provided by the Johnston Police Department.


Around 2:25 a.m., July 11, Johnston Police responded to the area of 2121 Hartford Ave. to assist police on scene with a disabled vehicle in the roadway. While en route to the scene, police were advised over the radio that a man on the scene “became belligerent and started to act disorderly on scene.”

Police identified the man as Allen J. Campbell, of 31 Belfield Drive, Johnston.

Upon arrival, Johnston Police Officer Eli McGuire Krueger noted that Campbell was “yelling and flailing his arms.”

“Mr. Campbell continuously stepped forward towards each officer on scene in an aggressive manner,” he wrote in the arrest report. “Each time Mr. Campbell stepped forward he did so with a clenched fist. Mr. Campbell then became so agitated he threw his keys at the residence of 2121 Hartford Ave.”

Police told Campbell he was under arrest, but he allegedly resisted and began to scream, “F*** you, you Italian fat f***s, I’m not going to jail,” according to the arrest report.

Campbell was taken to the ground and cuffed.

During the scuffle, police noted that Campbell suffered a cut to the left side of his face, just below his eye. Johnston Fire Department personnel arrived on the scene to tend to Campbell’s injury. Campbell, however, refused treatment and was medically cleared by the JFD.

Police discovered through routine checks that Campbell’s driver’s license was suspended. He was transported back to Johnston Police Headquarters where he was processed and afforded the opportunity to make a phone call, which he refused, according to police.

He was placed in a cell and his car was towed from the scene.

Campbell was charged with Driving with a Suspended License, and misdemeanors Disorderly Conduct and Resisting arrest. He was assigned an Aug. 15 Third District Court date.


Around 12:50 a.m., July 18, police investigated an anonymous phone report locating a woman wanted on outstanding bench warrants.

The woman was identified as Danielle M. Demaio, of 191 Gladstone St., Cranston.

The caller also stated told police that Demaio was traveling in a black Chevy Sedan and wearing a black flower print dress, according to the arrest report.

She was located, arrested and transported back to the Johnston Police Department. Demaio was booked and processed for a bench warrant from Superior Court for Possession of Schedule 1, and a Third District Court warrant for failing to appear at a pre-trial conference on a Shoplifting charge. Demaio wasa transported to the ACI women’s intake center.


Around 3 p.m., Johnston Police responded to a local bank where it had been reported a woman had tried to cash an allegedly fraudulent check.

The caller described the woman as wearing all black clothing and blond hair. Police were advised that the woman had fled the bank.

Johnston Police Officer Arthur Petteruti wrote in the report that as he arrived in the bank parking lot, a witness approached him and identified the woman, pointing her out as she was walking toward the parking lot.

Petteruti approached the woman and identified her as Cheryl Reyes, 1310 Tower Hill Road, North Kingstown. Reyes allegedly told police that a man driving a white Mercedes had dropped her off at the bank, but had fled the parking lot.

Petteruti broadcast the information to the other patrol units and was advised that another officer was in pursuit of the suspect vehicle east on Hartford Avenue.

The bank’s fraud department informed police that a female suspect matching Reyes’ description had attempted to pass fraudulent checks in the amount of $4,058.59. The checks had the appropriate watermarks, but Reyes was not an authorized user on the account. When informed the bank would need to contact the account holder, Reyes allegedly “grabbed the check and her identification and left the establishment.”

At the scene in Johnston, Reyes was placed in the rear of Petteruti’s cruiser. She allegedly told police that the driver of the Mercedes gave her the check and promised to give her something (the payment was redacted from the incident report filed by police) in exchange for cashing the check.

Reyes allegedly told police that the pair had already cashed fraudulent checks in Massachusetts, prior to coming to Rhode Island and the driver was in possession of all the money.

Reyes was transported to Johnston Police Headquarters, processed and charged with Forgery and Counterfeiting in General, Obtaining Property by False Pretenses and Conspiracy. Police determined that she was already a “bail violator.”

“While on the scene, I heard patrol units advised the suspect vehicle had been involved in a motor vehicle accident in the city of Providence and the male fled on foot,” Petteruti wrote.

Johnston Police Officer Matthew V. Leveillee was on his way to the bank when he started pursuing the white Mercedes. As the pursuit approached the intersection of Hartford avenue and Killingly Street, the driver allegedly drove through the intersection at a high rate of speed, without yielding or stopping, while passing additional vehicles.

Due to the high speeds and dangerous driving, Johnston Police in pursuit were ordered to terminate the chase once the car reached the Providence line.

“Due to the vehicle’s speed, it had already traveled past this point,” Leveillee wrote in the arrest report. “I reduced my speed, and continued to observe the suspect vehicle due to its continued reckless operation and disregard for the safety of other motorist(s) or pedestirans.”

Moments later, according to Leveillee, the vehicle crashed head-on with a blue vehicle near the intersection of Hartford and Petteys avenues.

The man, later identified as Nayquan Gadson, of 184 Holden St., Apt. 1, Providence, was apprehended by Rhode Island State Police and turned over to Johnston Police. Inside the vehicle, police say they found an envelope containing $4,102. At Police Headquarters an additional $689 in cash was found in Gadson’s possession.

Gadson faces felony charges for Forgery and Counterfeiting in General and Conspiracy, and a misdemeanor, Reckless Driving (Eluding Officer with a Motor Vehicle).


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