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(Spooky, violent sci-fi)

Logan Marshall-Green plays Grey Trace (honest, that's his name). It is sometime in the future.

Grey is driving home with his wife. Actually, he's not driving. It's a self-driving car. Hackers take over his car, forcing it to crash. His wife dies and he ends up a quadriplegic.

Eron King, a weird corporate exec (Harrison Gilbertson), plants a computer chip called Stem in him, giving him full use of his body and some unusual super powers. All that Grey wants is revenge on the guys who murdered his wife.

But wait, Stem can take control of Grey's body, but only if he wants him to, setting up a plan to take down the bad guys who also have unusual powers, like guns built right into their arms.

Hey, I told you this was a sci-fi movie. Anything can happen.

Throw in a female cop who suspects the wheelchair-bound Grey to up to no good, as one by one the bad guys are knocked off. How is this all going to end? What's King's motive for all these shenanigans? Unfortunately, we get a convoluted end to these weird Australian movie.

While not Academy Award material, "Upgrade" is an hour and a half of mindless entertainment that provides a bizarre form of entertainment.

Rated R, with lots of violence and profanity.


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