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Justin Hartley as Jake, Barrett Doss as Rachel in The Noel Diary.
Justin Hartley as Jake, Barrett Doss as Rachel in The Noel Diary.
(Photo by KC Bailey for Netflix)



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(Nostalgic Romance)

If “Violent Night” is not your cup of Christmas cheer, you may want to go in the opposite direction and watch the nostalgic, romantic, tear-jerker, “The Noel Diary” on Netflix.

Justin Hartley, the heartthrob from TV’s “This is Us” stars as Jacob Turner, a single best-selling author who has been estranged from his deceased mother (he didn’t even go to her funeral) and father who abandoned them.

The family homestead has been left to him, so he has to clean it out and sell it. He reconnects with his next door neighbor who suggests that he reconcile with his father.

An attractive young lady connects with him. She’s looking for her birth mother who used to be his nanny.

Off they go on a road trip to find her mother and reconnect with his father.

She is engaged to a real jerk, while he is a diehard bachelor.

You can see where this one is going. Of course, there’s only one room available at the inn. In fact, you could write the ending.

Note: Local actress Marilyn Busch has a speaking part in the opening scene, playing Turner’s fan and getting his autograph.

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You’ve got to take this cliché-ridden Norwegian monster film as a complete takeoff of America’s “King Kong” and Japan’s “Godzilla” and just enjoy the silliness.

Nora and her father love to climb the mountain peaks of Norway. While sitting on the top of the high mountains, her father tells her fairy tales about trolls that once lived there.

When Nora grows up, she becomes a paleontologist. Her father starts believing all the troll stories and is considered insane.

They part. Years pass.

Strange events begin happening in the mountain when the government decides to build a tunnel through the mountains. A troll is responsible. The government calls Nora in to investigate. They don’t believe or accept her findings.

Find the troll and kill it! Call in the army. Oslo is threatened to be destroyed.

Who will save the day?

Why Nora, of course.


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