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DESPICABLE ME 4  * * *  (Many More Minions)

You have just got to love the minions. They are everywhere.

They babysit for Gru (Voice of Steve Carell), they fight off his arch enemy, Maxime (voice of Will Ferell) after being energized, and one of them lives in a vending machine.

The vending machine bit is one of those running gags that is quite funny.

Gru is being pursued by Maxime who has turned into a cockroach and escaped from prison.

Gru has settled into a comfortable normal life with a wife, three daughters and a baby son who rejects him at every turn.

The family is moved to a safe house in a wealthy neighborhood and given new identities.

The bratty girl next door outs them, and the chase is on. Maxime kidnaps Gru’s son, Gru wins over the neighbor girl who joins him in the escape, and the chase is on.

All’s well that ends well.

The kids should love this one. Lots of action, minion antics, and even a few good messages.

There is only one little thing in the movie that gives it a PG rating (nobody wants a G rating anymore).

Gru tells their pet goat to sit. The goat lets loose. “I said sit,” Gru yells.

Oh well, it will probably go over the young ones’ heads.

If you want to sit through the endless credits, you’ll see more minions floating about.

HORIZON * * (Boring, Disconnected Western)

What was Kevin Costner thinking?

After giving us “Yellowstone,” an exciting, character-driven TV series he comes up with a three-hour boring, disconnected movie that serves as a prequel for at least three more he plans to write and direct.

After a long prequel to the prequel, we are introduced to a variety of characters who are headed west to find a new land.

The problem is that most of these people are unlikable. Ans so are most of the Native Americans whom they kill and who kill them.

Luke Wilson leads a wagon train. Costner plays a horse trader. Most of the other actors are nameless and uninteresting.

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