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Evan Peters plays Dahmer on Netflix
Evan Peters plays Dahmer on Netflix



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Netflix gives us an eerie, monstrous look at Jeffrey Dahmer, one of the most screwed up serial killers in America who killed 15 young men and boys. Mostly gay and African American.

The well-directed one-hour, 10 episode series follows Dahmer from his first brutal killing to his own death, jumping out of sequence at times.

There are some brutal scenes depicting what he does with some of the victims, all intermingled with an inside look at his past.

What made him that way? Was there remorse? What about his family?

Rhode Island and Trinity Reps own Richard Jenkins plays Jeffrey’s father, and he is reason enough to watch this tense drama unfold.

There are loads of Daddy issues, and the big own is guilty.

Am I to blame?” he asks. “No, I can’t be.”

Jenkins, in my opinion one of the best actors in the world when it comes to expressing emotions, gives a gripping performance as we comes to grips with what his son is guilty of.

Difficult to watch at times, the film comes with controversy, especially when racism makes its presence known.

Difficult to watch at times, “Dahmer” is as gripping a story, intensely told as anything I’ve seen in a long time.


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