Newport Film Festival crosses Bridge to Warwick


The Newport Film Festival is branching out through Rhode Island, screening the Cannes and Sundance Festivals Best Documentary at Warwick’s Gamm Theatre last week.

“All That Breathes” tells the story of two New Delhi brothers who have dedicated their lives to saving Kites, birds that are important to the ecosystem,

The documentary uses the struggles of the scientists and working class fighting climate change under difficult conditions. War, sickness and poverty hold back finding no cures as the crew works in bombed out buildings and garbage heaps.

“All That Breaths” is a moving, educational film that calls people to action by telling the story without “Talking Heads,” charts and graphs. The characters are very real, shot in real life.

The quality of the film is excellent (Why it won the awards, with special attention to the background sounds, especially the birds.

The film will be shown on HBO Max.

For more information on joining Newport Film and attending their many films and programs go to Filmmakers and experts in the film’s subject lead brief discussions following the films.


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