‘Knightsville’ bringing festivities to big screen


Bright orange construction barrels blocked the roadway at Vermont and Cranston streets on Saturday.

Just beyond the obstruction, in the typically quiet Cranston neighborhood, a mob of people had gathered at the white, single-level ranch that sits on the corner. They were there with cameras, big black flowing drapes and lots and lots of technical equipment, which had been set up for the live filming of “Knightsville.”

“Knightsville” is the short film about St. Mary’s Feast. It was written and shot in the Knightsville section of Cranston over the weekend by Aly Migliori, a Rhode Island native.

Migliori grew up attending the feast with her family but has since moved to New York City to pursue her career as an up-and-coming filmmaker.

In her new role, she said she has been busy working on a variety of projects – including several feature films, commercials and music videos – but has been eager to get back home to complete this “very personal project.”

Migliori began filming in and around the Saint Mary’s Feast Society grounds last Thursday. She and a crew of others recruited to work on the film took over sections of the Knightsville neighborhood, the feast grounds and St. Mary’s Church.

On Saturday, the crew shot a scene from the film on Vermont Street. The road was shut down from all corners to preserve the quiet and tranquil quarters of the Cranston neighborhood while an entire camera crew, led by Migliori, assembled on the front lawn at 37 Vermont.

Amanda Ebert, the lead actress in the film, shot a scene with Altagracia Guzman, an elder Italian woman who Migliori brought in as part of the cast.

The film is described in a brief synopsis by Migliori as “a unique story about coming into one’s own identity and understanding how to let people see our innermost selves. This film follows a young woman who comes home to celebrate St. Mary’s Day with her Italian-American family. However, she is unsure how to reconcile her new life with the old, and faces the windfalls of keeping her new life separate from home. In overcoming this conflict, she grows as an individual and develops a greater appreciation for culture and family.”


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