Adopted Ordinances


Legal Notice
Town of Johnston
Adopted Ordinances

At a recent meeting of The Johnston Town Council, the Council did adopt the following Ordinance effective immediately:

Ordinance 2022-11: An Ordinance amending Article XVII, Chapter 220, Section 90 of the Town Code of Ordinances entitled “Through Trucking” Said Ordinance prohibits Through Trucking on Tabor Drive, Teakwood Drive and Milton Street


Ordinance 2022-13: An Ordinance ordering the annual assessment and collection of property tax on the ratable real estate, tangible personal property and excise tax on registered motor vehicles and trailers.


Ordinance 2022-14: An Ordinance authorizing the Town to issue, not to exceed $215,000,000 General Obligation Bonds, Notes and Other Evidences of Indebtedness to finance the Construction, Additions, Renovation, Improvement, Alteration, Repair, Furnishing and Equipping of Schools and School Facilities throughout the Town

Said Ordinance is on file and available for review in the Office of the Town Clerk.


Johnston Town Council 
Robert V. Russo, President

Vincent P. Baccari, Jr., Town Clerk


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