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I am confused by Mr. Cascella's "explanation" of what transpired on FB. The night of his posting, I demanded that he resign from his Warwick GOP position due to his FB post. Several hours later, Mr. Cascella posted on FB that he had been hacked! Now, according to his statement to the Warwick Beacon, "Cascella said he was out with a bunch of friends when, as a “practical joke,” he posted the comment.

“It was a stupid prank and now I’m on the hot seat,” said Cascella."

So, Mr. Cascella, what is the truth? You got hacked? Practical joke? Stupid prank? Or is there another truth you would like to tell us?

I believe the best thing you could do for the Republican party in Warwick is to be a spectator and not a participant. Your involvement could be more of a distraction and hindrance than a benefit.

From: Cascella steps down as city GOP chairman

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