Vinnie Bellows channels his creativity through 476 Productions


Providence might have the nickname of being “The Creative Capital,” but that sentiment definitely spreads over the entire state. There are numerous people taking on artistic projects all over Rhode Island and these people are often taking on more than just one.

Warwick native Vinnie Bellows is definitely one of those people. Along with being a musician, he runs the Providence-based collaborative media company 476 Productions. The organization brings together photography, videography, live sound, audio recording, live streaming and more under one umbrella.

Bellows and I recently had a talk about his love for music, being inspired by other musicians, utilizing his talents and projects 476 Productions have planned for the future.

ROB DUGUAY:  What do you consider to be your first love, music, photography or film?

VINNIE BELLOWS:  I would probably say music. That’s what kind of started me getting into everything else for me.

RD:  Who are some of your favorite musicians and bands?

VB: When I started playing guitar, one of my biggest influences was George Benson, who is a jazz guitarist. As far as my influences now, it kind of varies. Being a sound engineer, I have to keep up with what’s new and modern. When I’m working shows a lot, I typically just listen to whatever bands are playing the particular show and it helps to get me excited and get some ideas on what I can do differently that I haven’t done in the past.

RD: With 476 Productions, is there any specific person or thing that inspired you to start it, or did you start it purely because it serves as an outlet for your talents?

VB: I would say that it’s definitely more of an outlet. I started getting into photography shortly before I left for the 2018 Vans Warped Tour, and a friend of mine who is a very talented photographer was telling me that I should get a camera to document it. I started to do that and over the years I realized that getting into photography, video, audio and recording needed one brand to put everything under. 476 Productions has kind of turned into that.

RD: That’s awesome. Going back to being a sound engineer, what was the biggest thing you had to adapt to when you first started running a soundboard?

VB: The biggest struggle for me when I first started was that I was doing sound for my own bands and no one ever really taught me how to do it. I had to figure out what sounded good while running back and forth to the stage and also trying to gauge the audience. You can see it on their faces when something doesn’t sound right. When you don’t quite know what you’re doing, it can be a struggle.

RD: What are some projects that 476 Productions has going on over the next few months?

VB: We’re actually working on a few new things right now. We just wrapped up doing a music video with the Boston country rock band Amber Eyes for their new single “I’m Not Adulting Today,” which will be coming out on Oct. 2. We also have a couple other videos that we did with Boston instrumental musician Brad Goff, which includes one that I just finished editing. We’ve been working with the Warwick dance school Set The Barre to handle their social media along with a couple of other things. We’re actually going to be doing a photo shoot giveaway very soon, which we’ll be announcing on Facebook at facebook.com/476Productions and on Instagram at @476Productions.

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I am so proud of Vinnie. When he was younger his dad and I were always on him about finding a job that pays. Vinnie succeeded in spite of our nagging him to “get a real job.” We cannot be more proud of Vinnie for working hard and sticking to his goal.

Thursday, October 1, 2020