Viana Valentine gets introspective with ‘Fever Dream’


The power of creativity comes in numerous forms while being rooted in a variety of driving forces. It can serve as a way to alleviate boredom or just to pass the time, but it can also be a form of catharsis for what the person behind the project is going through. There are questions that need answers and emotions that need to be released with whatever is being made becoming the solving and channeling mechanism, whether it's a painting, a drawing, a film or a song. For Providence alt-pop artist Viana Valentine, her debut album “Fever Dream” that came out on June 2 is an example of how music can be a soothing medium along with being an enjoyable experience. This is conveyed through a piano being the foundation for most of the songs while electronic beats weave themselves in and out and Valentine’s stellar vocals have a consistent presence.

From start to finish, there’s a wide range of structures, arrangements and techniques being present within the tracks. Some songs lean toward being a ballad while others are danceable bangers and they all encompass a full gamut of feelings. I think that’s what makes this album stand out from other local releases, you can really get a sense that Valentine is shedding her inhibitions with each note and lyric. At the same time, she’s embracing her own individuality as a musician. It’s something to be admired and respected, especially since a lot of other musicians are still trying to put their own stamp on their creative output.

“Would You Love Me” is an excellent example of that emotional shedding I just mentioned. It’s one of those ballads that’s purely honest and genuine while showing truth to the fact that there’s a lot more going on with a person than what’s on the surface. As an ode to her home city, “PVD” tells a bit of a story about Valentine’s interactions in Providence. I think it puts a light on this quasi post-COVID life we’re all in, but you’d have to ask her about that. I really like the title track as well and other highlights within the album include “Hella Depressed” and “Evergreen”.

Pop music these days can often come off as formulaic and bland, but Valentine defeats this notion with her originality. She isn’t impersonating anyone or ripping anyone off, she stays true to herself and her craft while keeping it real. That’s why “Fever Dream” is a great album and I highly suggest giving it a listen. The best way to do so is by logging on to Valentine’s Bandcamp page at It’s ideal for anyone who enjoys the Top 40 but is down to check out something that’s a bit different from the norm.


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