Umpires are the backbone of baseball


To the Editor,

Without umpires the game of baseball would be less exciting. They call the balls and strikes and perceive from their own point of view. If there were not umpires the game of baseball would be less challenging and we probably wouldn't strive to make a hit and score that next run because that would just be considered practice.

When you put umpires into the mix the game of baseball becomes an actual challenging game with bystanders and fans (rooting) their favorite teams on. You need to be strong and focused in order to get the position of an umpire. It’s a hard job because they take a lot of heat from the fans often times being booed at and criticized from all angles, especially in the big leagues.

As for Little League it is usually a friendly game of baseball where the umpires are specifically trained for (their) positions. There is less pressure in the Little League because Little League is a teaching process for everyone and people are watching the players’ every move where as the big leagues they are grown men. I guess just like the big leagues coaches can challenge the umpires’ calls. A safe or an out (call) can make or break you so umpires need to be highly attentive.

The game of baseball first began June 19, 1846 that was the first record of the official game of baseball, it was played between the Knickerbockers and the New York Nines.

Baseball consists of three bases and a home plate. There are seven fielders and a catcher and a pitcher.

Allison Fiske
East Greenwich


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