Trick or treat??

Come in…if you dare!!


You’ve scrimped and saved for years to afford your long-awaited home purchase.

Inspections go well and you’re excited to close and move in.

As time goes by, you begin to notice weird happenings in and around the property. Objects you may have put in certain places are moved, doors suddenly open on their own, you feel cold air in certain spots, maybe you hear strange noises, or notice the family pet is acting strange. Could your home be haunted, or occupied by previous owners whose spirit remains?

There are stories of many homes said to be haunted or occupied by ghosts. Some of which are local to our area.

1677 Round Top Rd in Burrillville built in 1836 is the subject of the movie ‘The Conjuring’ The original movie was based on accounts taken from inhabitants of this farmhouse. The house was rumored to be haunted by the presence of Bathsheba Sherman, who in the 1800’s lived in the house. The property had many owners over the years. Most recently, the property was listed for sale in September 2021 at $1.2 million, and closed in May 2022, at $1.525 million. The property owners have opened the home to visitors who dare to stay to investigate paranormal activity there.

Another popular property said to have paranormal activity is The Seaview Terrace on Ruggles Ave in Newport. 

The property sits on 8 acres of beautiful ocean views along The Cliffwalk. According to the field card details, the home has 37,772. sq.ft. living area with 9 bedrooms and 9 full baths.  This property was listed for sale in August 2021 at $29.9 million dollars. After 213 days on the market and no takers, it was withdrawn from publication. As written in an article in “Ultimate Unexplained”:

Seaview Terrace is full of believe it-or-nots, such as how it even came to be in Newport. Originally much of this French Renaissance Revival Chateau was built in 1907 on Dupont Circle in Washington D.C. with many rooms being shipped to D.C. from France. The house was then completely dismantled again and relocated to Newport in 1923, taking almost two years and $2 million to accomplish..Stories say the home is haunted by the original owner’s wife, Julia Williams Bradley. Her funeral was held in the house’s chapel in 1929 and people said her ghost was seen playing the chapel’s organ almost immediately after.

Some “Haunted Houses” experience frightening events, while others may be occupied by previous owners whose spirits may remain, however in a way not to frighten the occupants living there. Many of us have either experienced strange happenings in a home or know of someone who has. Some will say it is just your imagination or a misunderstood experience. Others will believe there is a ghost creating the events. Whatever the case may be, it can be unsettling.

There are ways to attempt to cleanse a home of its spirits. Some say this can be done by simply asking the spirit to leave. If that isn’t effective, using sage or incense can be used to cleanse the home. A median can be brought in to assess the situation and determine how to approach the problem. Maybe a ceremonial cleansing is needed.   A cleansing/clearing can last anywhere from a few minutes to days.

If action taken is not successful, you can either leave the property if you simply can’t deal with it, or, co-exist in the property with your ghost and learn to live with it.

Happy Hauntings!!

Donna DeLauro is a Realtor at RE/MAX Real Estate Center in Coventry. She is also a Senior Real Estate Specialist and the Proud Founder of Mature Matters.


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