Town needs tax increase limit


To the Editor:

The Johnston mayor and Town Council like to tell us taxpayers how well they are doing holding the line on tax increases. Not so in my case.

In their letter of July 15 they say that the tax increase was less then 1 percent. Mine increased by about 29 percent, or almost $800. This increase was due mainly to an increase in my assessment, which went from $176,300 to $243,100, an increase of $66,800, or about 38 percent. Of course I could contest the assessment, but this would be the equivalent of the proverbial “spitting into the wind.”

What is needed is for the town to impose a yearly maximum tax increase, say 10 percent. Such a limit would help taxpayers avoid the financial shock of a major tax increase such what I experienced. My $800 increase is the largest one-year tax increase I have ever had, and at 83, I have been around the block a few times. Thus, I propose that the mayor and Town Council consider imposing such a limit.

Richard A. Renzi



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Peter Filippi

Richard, we need balanced representation that would stand up to the unions period

Sunday, September 29, 2019