Tips for Completing Your Collection


Last week I was enjoying a to-go dinner with the Bruneau Crew before one of our auctions and we started talking about the types of essential pieces everyone should have in their personal collections. Since we have so many and specialties and interests here, it became a well-rounded list. I got to thinking that advice from the pros here at Bruneau & Co would be an interesting topic to write about and share with you, so here it is!

1. Something Nostalgic: I will start with myself and perhaps this is obvious if you follow my work, but including something you love from your childhood is a must for any collector. Nothing beats having a favorite toy or comic from your youth displayed in your adulthood home – the only problem is you have to resist playing with them!

2. Something Historic: Maybe it is because military history is his specialty, but Joel advocates everyone have something in their collection with a past – even if it is not militaria related. Bonus points if it has a provenance proving the item was in an important place at an important time!

3. Something Functional: This is my wife, Ashle’s, suggestion because I fill our house up with so many toys and comics. She really enjoys when we acquire something for our collection that actually serves a purpose. Perhaps it is a vase or a piece of furniture, so long as it doesn’t just sit around collecting dust!

4. Something Mechanical: Kevin is obviously biased because he is an avid car collector, but he has always had an admiration for mechanisms. Whether it be BMWs, vintage steam engines, or antique clocks, he believes anything that moves and was manufactured before all this modern technology is cool to have in your collection.

5. Something Inherited: It might not be the most valuable item in your collection, but Joel’s assistant Jon believes it is absolutely important to keep something passed down through the generations in your family. Does that mean you have to keep all your grandparents’ Hummels? No…. but maybe you should keep their favorite one around to honor their memory.

6. Something Unique: Becca suggests everyone find something one-of-a-kind for their collections. If it is hand-made, a little imperfect, quirky, fun to look at, or all of the above and it speaks to you – make it yours! She says it doesn’t really matter what it is: art, jewelry, furniture – as long as it is the only one like it in the world!

7. Something Fancy: According to Mary, everyone should splurge on themselves now and again, so acquiring a nice piece of jewelry, a designer handbag, or another couture accessory is a must. Having items like that in your collection to bring out for special occasions will always bring you joy – and they will probably be good investments, too!


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