The McCoy Stadium PawSox Murals


If you grew up in Rhode Island chances are McCoy Stadium and the Pawtucket Red Sox hold a special place in your memory. Most locals agree that losing the team, and now the stadium, is a heartbreaking turn of events to what was once a legendary time in Minor League Baseball – and it was all so close to home! Who can forget those long summer nights with family and friends in the stands? It was such an affordable option for hours of entertainment. We even got to watch some of the greats before they were greats. What a time it was to be alive in RI!

Unfortunately, we at Bruneau & Co cannot prevent the demise of McCoy, but we do have a unique and absolutely one-of-a-kind collection from the stadium coming up for auction in March. If you frequented the stadium anytime during the 1980s and 1990s, you probably remember the huge painted murals of players hanging from the entryways. That’s right, those very murals, which were removed in 1999 for renovations, will now be offered to the public!

This collection of forty-two life-size murals were painted by local artist and RISD student Carol “Tayo” Heuser during the late 1970’s and through the 1980’s. The images capture some of the most prominent players of that period who played with the PawSox. Each is painted on a large panel and depicts players in vivid colors, capturing both the nuance of their play and individual characteristics.

Players featured in these murals are: Mike Greenwell, Butch Hobson, Marty Barrett, Oil-Can Boyd, Steve Lyons, Todd Benzinger, Joe Morgan, Jody Reed, Rick Burleson, Brady Anderson, John Valentin, Phil Plantir, Carlos Quintana, Roger Clemens, Jim Rice, Nomar Garciapara, Rich Gedman, Bruce Hurst, Carlton Fisk, Wade Bogs, John Tudor, Gary Allenson, John Marzano, Mo Vaughn, Ellis Burks, Aaron Sele, Ken Ryan, Mark Fidyrch, Frank Rodriguez, Cecil Cooper, Butch Hobson, Dick Pole, Jeff Soupan, Glenn Hoffman, Dave Stapleton, John Flaherty, Scott Cooper, Fred Lynn, Chico Walker, & Juan Beniquez.

Carol “Tayo” Heuser was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Africa and Europe. She received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and MFA at Vermont College. Heuser currently lives in Providence, Rhode Island. She has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally including, the Phillips Collection Museum, Washington D.C., the Rhode Island School of Design Museum, the Dorsky Gallery in Brooklyn, N.Y., and the Chateau de Fernelmont in Belgium, amongst many other public and private collections.

All 42 murals will be on display and available for preview at Bruneau & Co Auctioneers from Tuesday, March 12th to Friday, March 15th between 9am and 4pm. Come down to the gallery in Cranston, Rhode Island for one more look at these local legends. Who knows? Maybe you’ll leave a bid and end up taking a piece of McCoy PawSox history home!


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