The 2024 Las Vegas Antique Arms Show


With the exception of one year and a gap during COVID, the Las Vegas Antique Arms Show falls in late January. For me, it’s the first show after the holidays and a chance to be in warmer weather for a few days - although some years it has been pretty cold in Vegas! But weather aside, it’s always a good opportunity to talk with old friends and meet folks who frequent our auctions. It’s also an opportunity to see some very cool things on the show tables. My friends know I am not a fan of Las Vegas itself, and I rarely leave the Westgate hotel where the show is held. But that’s not a bad thing as I can sit and talk with people who I don’t get to see very often without the distraction of everything else going on in Vegas. Not my favorite city for sure!

While some shows are getting a lot smaller, this one still seems to have a fairly large group of dealers and customers who come from all over the country to shop. There is a huge room with every type of antique arm, another large room next to it with shotguns and sporting arms, Japanese swords, and gun engravers. There is also another large hall filled with western-themed material. I seldom get into the second or third room to look around as there is so much to see in the antique arms hall. This year was no different; I was so busy I didn’t get a chance to wander very much.

There are also some pretty fantastic displays set up where you can see lots of things you normally would not. Rare arms, sometimes with vintage ammunition, in the original box and packaging. Some of them are in spectacular condition with amazing finishes. It’s not just firearms either; swords or pretty much anything arms related are displayed. There are a group of judges who wander the show for a few days and get together to vote on what they feel was the best presentations based upon certain criteria.

In a time when shows seem to be withering a bit, this one still seems to bring in the crowds. If you’re looking for something to do next January and you like Las Vegas, you should check it out!

If you’d like to attend something sooner, or prefer not to travel so far, check out the upcoming show in Maryland. The Baltimore Antique Arms Show the weekend of March 16-17, and I will be there representing Bruneau and Co. If you’re on the east coast and want to go to a good show, this is the one!


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