Speaking out to support Medicare for All


To the Editor:

Joe Biden’s popularity is still due largely to his name recognition among voters who spend very little time following the news. The campaigns of Sen. Kamala Harris and Mayor Pete Buttigieg failed largely because they made it clear during the debates that they were “sucking up” to our nation’s greedy, corrupt and massively deadly health care corporations at the expense of nearly everyone else. That is why they chose to endorse Joe Biden on their way out.

The fact is that 87 million low-income Americans have no health insurance, because they can’t afford to pay the premiums or any hospital bills. Many of them will simply “die quietly” if they catch the coronavirus because they can’t afford to get help (and we won’t learn who else they may have spread that disease to).   But even before the coronavirus outbreak, our corporately corrupted politicians (mostly Republican politicians) have been literally killing average of 86,000 innocent American men, women, and children of low-income families per year by denying them health care. That’s about 60 percent more Americans killed each year than the total number of American killed by the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese during the entire Vietnam War.

As Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have been pointing out, our nation can fix these problems with a “Medicare for All” program that would cost our government and Americans in general significantly less than our present much-to-be-desired health care system. Our “mainstream media” have been inexcusably failing to educate their audiences accordingly. If you find that to be unacceptable, then let the news agencies know accordingly. The lives that you save by doing that may include your own.

Christopher C. Currie



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First Christopher, there are not 87 million 'uninsured' in America. That is an outright lie or you are so misinformed you should hide yourself under a tree somewhere. Second, no one during a pandemic is in need of insurance. The treatments during a national emergency will be free if you are uninsured.

Third, Medicare for all will make medicare for the elderly an awful system. Right now it is just ok. Medicare for all will also require taxes above the 50% level, and the elimination of all private health plans which are enjoyed by 180 million Americans.

Christopher, the problem with socialists is they never tire of finding ways to spend other peoples money. Medicare for all is a disaster. You want the government that is right now being criticized for not have enough test kits running everyones healthcare? Idiot.

Tuesday, March 17

What davebarry said. He said it best.

Thursday, March 19
John Stark

Quick, name the last person who said: "I like Biden because of his position on _____________." Said no one. The first three words of this article are a myth. Any support, such as it is, for Biden is attributable to a dislike for Trump's personality. Please do not confuse the two. And btw, the 'Republicans are killing people' mantra ran it's course three decades ago.

Tuesday, July 14