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(Boxing Champ Biopic)

Subtitled “The Miraculous Story of the Once and Future Heavyweight Champion of the World” this boxing biopic tells the fascinating story of George Foreman, who many younger folks know only that they eat hamburgers off his grill.

Foreman had a tough life, growing up poor getting in trouble, and laughed at for his large size.

He joined the Job Core, where he didn’t fit in until the director (Forest Whitaker) interested him in learning the art of boxing.

George released much of his rage in the boxing ring and made good use of his tremendous power.

One short year later he won the gold medal at the Olympics and went on to earn a 40-0 record until Muhammad Ali beat him.

When George had a near-death experience in the ring, he suddenly found Jesus, quit boxing, and became a preacher.

He married, had kids, divorced, remarried, started his own church and community center, had more kids (Six boys named George  1 through  60, lost all his money through his managers poor investments, and decided to recoup his losses by going back in the ring seven years later.

Completely out of shape and way overweight, Foreman had his “miraculous comeback and was the only boxer ever to become heavyweight champion twice.

Credits at the end tell us where he is and what he is doing today.

We’ve seen lots of boxing movies over the years, and this one follows a familiar pattern at times. The difference is the man himself and the changes in his life that lead to his redemption.

For some of us it will bring back memories of the ‘70’s and ‘80’s. For others, it will introduce them to one of the greatest boxers of all times.


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The sixth and final season of this series, which itself was a spinoff of Breaking Bad, provides hours of entertainment as we follow Jimmy and Kim on a number of escapades and cons.

Guest stars Carol Burnett and Bryan Cranston are terrific, as are many of the returning characters.

The screen jumps from black and white to color and past, present and future, as many of the dots are connected, but some issues are left unanswered.

Will there be another spinoff?