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Puss in Boots is again voiced by Antonio Banderas in “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.”
Puss in Boots is again voiced by Antonio Banderas in “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.”
(Courtesy of DreamWorks Animation)


* * ½ Based
(Loosely) on True Story

Take a true story: Cocaine dumped off plane into National Forest in Georgia. The body count grows Bear eats and goes berserk.

Pack it full of dumb characters, extreme violence, and a stupid story, and you get “Cocaine Bear” the hottest movie on the big screens these days.

Critics are all over the place on this one. I’ve lost my faith in Rotten Tomatoes, but agree with many others who think it is disjointed, disgusting and deficient.

Lots of people are after the cocaine and the bear is after them all.

Two kids skip school and go for a hike. Mom searches for them. Three teenagers are running from the park ranger who is after some bad guys, as is the local cop. The drug runners’ father (Ray Liotta in his final film) is after the drugs.

Either the bear gets them, or they shoot each other.

Lots of torn limbs, even a head, and blood. The body count grows.

“Cocaine Bear” can be looked at as a satire or as one of the dumbest movies ever made.

PUSS IN BOOTS: The Last Wish
* * * *
(Great Family Film)

Only one life left for Puss (Antonio Banderas), and he is pretty depressed over it.

Puss and his pals Kitty and Perrito search for the Last Wishing Star, competing against Goldilocks and the three (delightfully funny) three bears and a gigantic Tom, the Piper’s son.

Love for life and Kitty are restored and this sixth animated film in the series ends in a colorful fashion.

Note: I watch the film with clear and large sub-titles, which replace the old glasses.


* * * ½
(Chilian Crime Drama)

Tomas, a Downs Syndrome young man, is accused of murder.

A policewoman with her own personal problems, gets personally involved in the case.

Tomas takes responsibility for killing a drug dealer who is about to kill his brother. The brother is loaded with guilt, as Tomas’ trial points the finger at him.

Is there a dirty cop? Is the brother the killer? Can the policewoman get Tomas to jog his memory, tell the truth, and help solve the case?

The movie uses a number of Downs actors who do a terrific job in their roles. The story will hold your interest until the very end.


Showtime has brought back “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once” and the long, philosophical, sci-fi, martial arts movie made a bit more sense to me the second time around.

It is still too long, too confusing and
too scattered to satisfy us, but it stands a good chance of sweeping the Academy Awards.


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