Proclamation Ale Co. rings in ‘Proctoberfest’


Last week for this publication I wrote about the adaptation of the world’s largest beer festival known as Oktoberfest by a local brewery, but this time another one in the area is taking it to a whole new level. If you’ve ever stopped by the Proclamation Ale Company on 298 Kilvert Street in Warwick, you’ll immediately recognize that they like to do things a bit differently once you walk through the doors. Their tasting room isn’t your typical one with arcade games and various activities available to enjoy and the same goes with their beer selection. They have a wide array of IPAs, stouts, sours and other beers that’ll blow your mind. With this being said, it only makes sense that Proclamation has their own spin on Oktoberfest that goes by the name of Proctoberfest.

The second edition of the event will be going down on October 1 from 2-8pm and it’ll showcase a special märzen titled Guggenmusik which is a German lager that’ll be available both on tap and in cans. There’s an interesting folk tale behind the origins of the beer that makes it even more intriguing to take a sip of.

“The word Guggenmusik originated in the 16th century as a carnival marching band and the type of music it plays,” says Proclamation’s owner & creative director Lori Witham about the beer. “It is mentioned that it was used as a folk custom to chase away the 'spirits of winter'. Because of this, the carnival celebration needed to be sufficiently loud, weird and frightening. While we have removed the frightening part, we do fully embrace the loud and weird.”

Along with the brews, there will be brats, vegan brats and soft pretzels from Buns Bakery available for purchase. There will also be live music courtesy of bagpipe extraordinaire Bruce Hutchings, who is the brewer at Proclamation, and a collaboration between the Providence based performing arts group Big Nazo and the Providence Drum Troupe.

“As far as the event goes, I am excited to play,” Hutchings says. “Typically bagpipes are recognized more for their Scottish and Irish roots but this gave me the opportunity to learn some Beethoven! Unsure if Big Nazo has experienced the depths of sounds this instrument can make but they'll hear it as they make their way to Proctoberfest!”

Big Nazo consists of various creatures, including aliens and robots, and they’re very much looking forward to the return of Proctoberfest. Said creatures will also be featured on the cans of Guggenmusik as well. 

“Having experienced it last year, it was a ball,” says Big Nazo Founder & Artistic Director Erminio Pinque about the event. “It was really a great time, a great community of people and a real family event. I haven’t been to many brewery parties before but it was a really diverse group of people and it was an awesome experience. As performers, of course we don’t get to really party with people and we’re kind of working it so we don’t know what things tasted like the first go-around but it all looked yummy (laughs). When we’re at these events we’re dancing, moving and improvising with the Providence Drum Troupe because they’re bringing all the percussion while we’re bringing all the visuals so we work together really well that way.”

“Although Big Nazo has its own band,” he adds, “it’s more of a plug-in rock-funk band which is not as conducive as the mobile percussive energy and improvisation that the Providence Drum Troupe and Big Nazo can put on together. Our impressions about the event are very positive, it’s not what some people might expect as a typical brewery party with a lot more going on with food, people and conversation. As far as what people can expect, our characters are on the cans so you can expect to see some of the characters who are on the can of Guggenmusik beer that’s being served that day. There will be a healthy group of extraterrestrial aliens and their robots, who the aliens claim are mobile brew machines, so we’ll see if they’re able to produce anything.”

Proctoberfest is free to the public, it’s an all ages event but obviously folks have to be over the age of 21 to imbibe in the libations. For more information about Proclamation, log on to


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