Johnston Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports provided by the Johnston Police, Rhode Island State Police and other departments.


Detectives Mark Bairos and Thomas Dwyer were both on Clifton Street on the morning of July 6 when they saw a vehicle drive past them with the operator known to Bairos as James Fleet, 49, of Plainfield Street in Johnston.

A subsequent registry check revealed the license plates to be stolen out of West Warwick, and a stop was conducted in the area of Waterman Avenue. A license check revealed that Fleet’s license was suspended, as well. Responding patrol units later arrived on the scene to assist, and West Warwick Police confirmed the registration plates to be actively stolen.

Fleet was removed from the vehicle and brought to the rear of the vehicle to be placed under arrest. While conducting a search incident to the rest, Bairos said, Fleet quickly placed his hands into his pockets after being told token his hands on the trunk of the vehicle. Bairos said that, upon Fleet forcefully removing his hands from his pockets, a charred glass pipe and small baggie containing a powdery white substance fell to the ground.

At such time, Fleet was secured in handcuffs without further incident. Bairos said officers found an unmarked prescription bottle containing five white round pills and one blue bar-shaped pill. A subsequent vehicle inventory check revealed a used hypodermic needle accompanied by a spoon, which Bairos said was drug paraphernalia. It was seized and later disposed of.

A field test at headquarters revealed the white powdery substance to be cocaine, Bairos said. A pill identifier revealed the round white pills to be Clonazepam and the blue bar-shaped pill to be Alprazolam, both Schedule IV narcotics.

Fleet was charged with three felony counts of possession of a Schedule I-V controlled substance and misdemeanor charges of receiving stolen goods and driving with a suspended license.

Fleet was arraigned and released on $5,000 personal recognizance with a Sixth Division District Court date of Oct. 6. OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER

Patrolman Adam Parkinson and two other officers responded to a report of a loud noise complaint early on the morning of July 6.

Upon arrival, the officers were greeted outside of the residence by three male parties, one of whom Parkinson knew to be Armani DelGiudice, 25, of Sumter Street in Providence. Parkinson said he initially responded to the residence about two hours earlier. DelGiudice introduced himself as the homeowner and the officer requested that he lower his music. DelGiudice complied and Parkinson left, only for the officer to return about 20 minutes later to check on another noise issue – however, Parkinson said there was no violation after walking the property and not sharing any overly loud music or voices.

The final call came at 5:25 a.m., once again regarding loud people. As Parkinson and the other officers arrived on scene, he said he explained that the department had received calls all night and now enforcement action had to be taken by means of a Municipal Courts summons. Parkinson noted that he did draft a summons for DelGiudice because he was believed to be the homeowner.

Upon advising that action was to be taken, Parkinson said the parties became extremely defensive and began to argue even though it was explicitly explained that the department had received several complaints. At one point it was revealed that DelGiudice was not the homeowner, and the actual homeowner was sleeping inside the residence.

Parkinson and the other officers repeatedly requested that DelGiudice respond inside and wake the owner so the summons could be issued, but DelGiudice continually refused so Parkinson subsequently loudly knocked on the residence. Parkinson said he received derogatory remarks from the men for his effort, and DelGiudice begrudingly called the homeowner on the phone.

The man responded outside and was apprised of the reason for the officers’ presence and the impending summons. While attempting to speak to the man separately from the group, DelGiudice continued to follow the around and began to interject and make derogatory remarks including expletives and a racial slur. Parkinson said DelGiudice was trying to goad him into a fight, at which point it was impossible to explain the summons or retrieve information. Parkinson said he asked DelGiudice to cease with his inflammatory language, but he persisted. Parkinson said a resident across the street came outside due to DelGiudice yelling and causing a scene on the property.

DelGiudice was arrested and charged with obstructing an officer in the execution of duty and disorderly conduct. He was released with a Third District Court Summons for Sept. 28. RECKLESS DRIVING

Lt. Michael J. Babbitt responded to the intersection of Tabor and Teakwood drives on the morning of April 14. He spoke with a witness who said a male landscaper she knew crashed a truck and fled on food down Tabor Drive.

Babbitt spoke to an independent witness who observed a truck “flying” up Teakwood Drive and, without any hesitation or stopping, strike the telephone force with full force and then hit the wall. The operator exited and fled into the side door of a home on Tabor Drive.

A later check on the VIN showed the vehicle is owned by Sean Powers, 31, of Tabor Drive in Johnston. Babbitt responded to his home address and spoke to the homeowner, who said Babbitt was not at the residence and gave them permission to search. The search was negative.

A photo lineup was later provided to a witness, who picked Powers out as the operator of the truck. An arrest warrant was prepared for Powers on charges of reckless driving and driving with a suspended license, third offense.

On July 2, Sgt. Joseph M. Scichlione Jr. responded to Coventry Police headquarters to transport Powers back to JPD. SUSPENDED LICENSE

Patrolmen Thomas Santurri and Derick Ofori were on a fixed post at 1025 Plainfield St. the morning of July 3.

Santurri wrote that they observed an operator not wearing his seatbelt, at which point he detained the vehicle. Santurri spoke with the driver, identified as Mathew Cook, 53, of Hatherly Street in North Providence. Santurri said Cook could not provide him with his license or registration, but did advise the vehicle was registered to his mother.

DMV files revealed that Cook’s license was suspended, and a subsequent check revealed that he had a prior conviction for driving with a suspended license.

Cook was issued a Third Division District Court notice to appear Sept. 28 on a charge of driving with a suspended license, second offense.


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