Our shining example has been dimmed


To the Editor:

Make no mistake about it, America, our nation is declining.

Our country has been given special graces by God to be a shining example to the people of the world, but our shining example has been dimmed greatly by the flash of evil.

Our shining example has been dimmed by the fact that while many of us have not our faith in the hope of the rewards of heaven, many of our brothers and sisters are leading a godless and pointless existence in search of instant gratification by the subtle brainwashing of our evil culture.

Nowhere is this more obvious to many of you than in the daily bombardment in our lives than the dumbing-down of our minds by the corrupt mainstream media and the Hollywood entertainment industry, which have taken over control of the means of today’s communication. Our shining example has been dimmed because we have permitted our so-called mainstream media and entertainment leaders to act in concert with our academic institutions as well as with certain government agencies and churches to take control of our thinking and action.

Our shining example has been dimmed because our children are being taught that we are now living in a society of self-gratification with no bounds or limits as almost anything goes.

Right is now wrong and wrong is now right!

The light of our nation has been dimmed because we have become a nation that worships the “culture of death” to others. Not since ancient times in the Bible has the sanctity of life been more disregarded by its people than today. May God help us!

Our nation and its citizens are now more divided than ever before. From a historical perspective of our nation, there is no companion to today's divisiveness, and that division is the most readily apparent in our political and government leaders. The most pagan and sinful leaders of our country are those of you who have approved the sacrifice of God’s children. There is no salvation for the souls who continue to support this slaughter of God’s children. None!

It’s imperative for the sake of your very soul to support leaders and insulations that stand for life. Wake up, America! “We the people” must change and get back what’s right and holy for America, or our nation's bright light could go out for our children and grandchildren. Pray!

Richard D. Walsh

East Greenwich


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amen brother. we have no regard for the santitiy of life. we will bomb you back to the stoneage if you have any belief other than our correct one. as for the rest of it, it is tripe.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

I used to laugh when 'seniors' decried the taking of G_d out of our schools. Now I know they were right to be concerned. Our kids are being taught that whatever gender they decide they are, that's ok. As long as they are happy. They are not taught history, at least what mad us who we are. They are fed an onslaught of sex and porn via the internet. Before they are teens, they are exposed to porn. Not the 'playboy' type we grew up with but hard core, woman defiling porn. They live in a time when it is ok to hate someone based upon their politics. I could go on.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

i did not know you were a time traveler mr barry. we heard the same arguments in the 50s with the teen age delinquents, the 60s with the hippies... face it you are old. now get the hell off of my lawn you hoodlum

Tuesday, March 3, 2020
John Stark

I agree with Mr. Walsh on most points. However, he suggests that "From a historical perspective of our nation, there is no companion to today's divisiveness, and that division is the most readily apparent in our political and government leaders." I would urge Mr. Walsh and others to harken back to 1856. Massachusetts US senator Charles Sumner gave a fiery speech on the senate floor in opposition to slavery. For his efforts, he was beaten with a cane, nearly to death, by Congressman Preston Brooks of South Carolina. Sumner missed the next two years in the senate due to his injuries. Brooks resigned but was soon re-elected. It is said that the only congressmen who did not bring a gun to congressional sessions at the time were those who already carried knives. Consider that the next time you drive through Boston's Sumner Tunnel, or believe "...there is no comparison to today's divineness."

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

This is an old and tired line. As justanidiot rightly stated, EVERY generation has this happen. What always makes me laugh is the blame gets put on the youngest generation instead of where it should be - on the parent's generation. You know, the ones you raised Mr. Walsh.

Religion doesn't make a person moral. In fact, I can point to countless examples of where religion was used to cause great harm and was left to fester because it was religion.

You can't go back and make things the way they used to be. You can only move forward and make things better in your little piece of the world.

If you think that only good people are religious, you couldn't be more wrong. Good people come in all different shapes, sizes, religions, non-religions, etc. Stop hiding behind a myth and try to make the world a better place on your own.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Just an idiot, if you think todayis equivalent to the 50s and 60s you are, well, just an idiot. I can recall the parents protesting against Elivs and his hips and rock and roll in general. At the time, it seemed studpid. but they were right. Look what it has led to. In no time in our history have people decided what gender they are. At no time in our history has religion been at an all time low in terms of attendance. At no time has our discourse been so cruel, evidenced by Chuck Shumer threatening two supreme court justices,for which he just apologized btw. No you idiot, there has been no equivalent to the devastation of the nuclear family and traditional values. We are living in very strange and dangerous times. It is written that when 'evil is good and good is evil', we are near the end. Well, I can't argue that many people are now embracing evil and hating good.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

i wish i had known that history started in 1930. i could have saved a bunch of time not wasting it reading about the past

Friday, March 6, 2020