OPTX Rhode Island hosts special showcase


OPTX Rhode Island, which ranks as one of the nation’s leaders in retail fashion sunglasses and eyewear, recorded yet another historic first last Friday evening in Johnston.

“We’re honored to host the world-famous Chanel fashion brand during here at our Johnston showroom,” CEO Lynne Diamante said. “We’re equally thrilled that this is the first type of trunk show for Chanel in Rhode Island.”

A trunk show, as Diamante explained, is a “preview showing of the newest styles available to the fashion collection where fashionistas and collectors alike have the opportunity to try on, experience, and possibly even purchase these rare pieces, many being from the Prestige collection of Chanel released in limited and prized quantities.”

However, Diamante and her husband – Dr. Giulio Diamante, the medical director at OPTX Rhode Island – hosted more than a coming-out party for the new Chanel fashion brand.

“This was an extraordinary event,” said Michelle Bonollo, Lynne Diamante’s close friend who owns and operates Glam Salon in Cranston. “This is a festive atmosphere – amazing music, sumptuous gourmet treats, and the spectacular Chanel sunglasses and eyeglasses.”

Moreover, the Diamantes sent upwards of 50 guests home with luxurious gift bags featuring a custom made Eiffel Tower adorned with the camellia flower, a Chanel icon in many of their accessories.

While the attendees enjoyed music played by John Curran, a.k.a. DJ Fifth, they had a special opportunity to view each and every set of eyeglasses and sunglasses on display.

In the middle of the show were two people – OPTX Rhode Island associate Tyler Giammarco and executive assistant Livia Stencel – who took the lead to create a chic ambience at the show as well as attend to details organizing the party along with other members of the OPTX management team.

“I think this was a fitting tribute to the iconic brand of Chanel to have an understated and elegant trunk show in our gallery,” Lynne Diamante offered. “Yet, our guests still experienced the high end fashion that is Chanel while enjoying a friendly celebration of fashion that is CoCo Chanel herself.”

The CEO also praised the staff for all the special planning to create the special event. Diamante also wanted it know that Giammarco played a major role in the night’s success by using his talents to arrange and create all the decorative props inside the OPTX boutique.

“I’m so proud to have brought this to Rhode Island,” Lynne Diamante said. “OPTX looks forward to the next stylish soiree. It will remain a surprise for now, but it will be close to Valentine’s Day and will be beyond spectacular.” 


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