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National Geographic Documentary

The fire of the title comes from volcanoes all over the world.

The love stands for the love between two volcanologists, Katia and Maurice Krafft, who loved volcanos and each other, spending their loves studying, documenting and filming volcanoes.

The scenes of volcanic eruptions are breathtaking, as the brave explorers venture to the far corners of the earth at great risk, getting as close to the “Fire of Love” as humanly possible.

Some of the footage is gritty, but it is also spectacular. Katia and Maurice get philosophical  about their love of their life’s work and each other.

That all ended abruptly at the foot of an erupting volcano in 1991.

You will never see a documentary quite like this one.




* * ½

Disappointing Melodrama

Fantasy, murder, suspense and melodrama will keep you watching for a powerful ending that never comes.

The movie opens in a desert paradise where couples are living the good life in fancy houses with all the amenities of a 1950s resort.

While dressed and coiffed young housewives sit around the pool drinking fancy fruity cocktails, they are not preparing dinner and cleaning the house for their husbands who are off to work at the same time every morning.

What’s going on? Is this all for real?

Alice (Florence Pugh) and Jack (Harry Styles) Kramden seem like the perfect couple. He is the shining star of the man (Chris Pine) headed running the cult-like paradise.

Alice has nightmares. She rebels from the teachings of the group, discovering secrets and questioning its purpose.

Meanwhile, the audience is sitting on the edge of their seat waiting to be shocked and surprised, only to be left hanging with an ending that leaves them way up in the air.

We were hoping for so much more.

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