Living In Warwick Neck!


I really appreciate where I live in July.  Mike and I sit outside and watch the boats come in and out of Warwick Cove.  We love hearing the music and laughter from the boats.  It’s a busy time on the water, even with the price of fuel. 

This year we’ve added kayaking to our summer fun.  One of the great things about living in Warwick, is that’s there lots places to access the water.  With a little research, and a lot of time, I was able to get permission to clear a path right from my home to launch our kayaks.  Many people don’t realize that in RI, the public has the right to access water.  It’s great to walk out the door and be on the water in just minutes.  I live near four marinas.  Every night we are lucky to hear and see fireworks.  We can walk to the end of my street and view one of the most spectacular fireworks displays, across the bay, at Oakland Beach.

 I run an Airbnb and recommend lots of things for my guests to do, right here in Warwick.    From Iggy’s clam cakes and cowder to a beautiful walk at Rocky Point Park, the choices are endless.

So, if you are looking for an
inexpensive outing for your family, just visit Warwick!


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