Liquor License Expansion


Office of the Town Clerk
Town of Johnston
1385 Hartford Avenue
Johnston, Rhode Island 02919
(401) 351-6618

Notice is given pursuant to Rhode Island General Law § 3-5-17 that the Johnston Town Council, sitting as the Liquor Licensing Commission under Title 3 Chapter 5 of the Rhode Island General Laws of 1956, as amended, shall hold a Public Hearing on Monday, June 13th, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. at the Johnston Municipal Court Building, 1600 Atwood Avenue, Johnston, RI.

The purpose of the Public Hearing is to consider the following application for the expansion of an existing liquor license.

Applicant:  Peter A. Matteo, President

Business Name:  101 Bar & Grill, Inc. d/b/a Bar 101

Current Location:   1478 Atwood Avenue, Units 103 & 104

Expansion to now include:  1478 Atwood Avenue, Suite 105, Johnston, RI  02919

License Type:  Class BV Full - Liquor License Expansion

Remonstrants are entitled to be heard before the granting of the license.

Per Order:
Johnston Town Council
Robert V. Russo, Council President


Individuals requesting interpreter service for the hearing impaired must notify the Office of the Town Clerk seventy-two hours in advance of the meeting date.