LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘Not one penny goes toward lowering taxes’


I recently read in the Johnston Sunrise what Joe Polisena Jr.  ("Joe Polisena Jr. announces bid for mayor," May 5 edition) stated regarding running for mayor. However, not one word was mentioned regarding cost effective government or the concerns parents have regarding the insanity that's being taught in public education.

Every year as our town brings in new industries and multiple housing complexes, that  increase our town's revenues, not one penny goes toward lowering taxes? Lifelong Democratic Johnston Taxpayers need to realize the Elephant in the room is the unions that have taken control of our state and local governments and Johnston is no exception. When you read through the contracts and realize the endless unwarranted inflationary and unsustainable provisions there are endless ways to greatly reduce local taxes.

As our roads and infrastructure continues to crumple beneath us the first thing we need to do is put  the breaks on via reducing the endless provisions i.e. consolidate the 20 annual Sick Days and 3 Personal Days to one week. Reduce Longevity Bonuses, that average town workers $3,200 annually, with a one week bonus. Our town provides a $250,000 accidental death policy for all employees yet we also provide life insurance polices that range from $35,000 to $75,000 that should be nixed. In addition, police receive a $500 bonus for every firearm issued to them if they score an 80 at the firing range annually which should be a requirement period. As for the 15 paid holidays approximately ninety percent of the workforce is non union in which most workers receive only 7. Vacations that range from 5 to 8 weeks should be capped at 4 weeks only.

When you include the Cadillac of healthcare for just pennies on the dollar, early retirements, Severance Packages that are in the tens of thousands of dollars, how pensions are calculated and continued paid healthcare upon retirement, that is now approximately $7 million annually and climbing etc. The need to privatize our various departments including regionalizing our services is long overdue.   

If our town was to develop a database that would enable residents to log on and see for themselves the endless provisions and resulting costs, as we don't even televise our council or school committee meetings, they would be in shock.   

As for the profound concerns most parents have with nowadays public education private education is approximately $3,000 less as religious education is approximately half the cost, when you combine kindergarten through grade 12, in which vouchers/school choice is a must.

In closing, the unions of our town and the democratic party are one in the same. If we give Republicans the chance to serve our town Johnston Taxpayers, especially those on limited incomes, will have a peace of mind they never thought possible as savings would be astronomical.

Peter A. Filippi III, Johnston (Proud Republican indeed)


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