Johnston Police Logs, Sept. 29, 2022


EDITOR'S NOTE: The following police log information has been taken from public record police incident and arrest reports provided by the Johnston Police Department and other local law enforcement agencies.


Around 10:20 p.m., Aug. 21, Johnston Police responded to Killingly Street for the report of a road rage incident. Upon arrival, they spoke to the reporting party who told police that while driving north on Killingly Street, the vehicle in front of him was traveling under the speed limit and the driver was allegedly “not paying attention to the roadway and using his cell phone.”

According to the arrest report, the driver yelled at the other driver, “Don’t be on your phone.”

In response, the other driver allegedly threw a beverage into the alleged victim’s car.

“I observed there to be a brown liquid covering the entirety of the vehicle’s dashboard and windshield as well as a plastic coffee cup containing a similar brown liquid nearby,” Johnston Police Patrolman Eli McGuire Krueger wrote in the arrest report.

The driver told police that he pulled ahead of the other vehicle, got out, and “began making comments” toward the other driver “in reference to the thrown beverage.”

The alleged victim told police that the other driver drove close enough to him to pin him against his own vehicle and run over his foot while fleeing the scene. The victim told police he could provide the plate number and identify the other driver.

Police found the other driver’s name and address after checking the registration info. They responded to the home of Darnell Dunston, of 1 Eric Place, Apt. 8, North Providence. Johnston Police responded to the scene and located the vehicle from the earlier incident.

“I observed scuff marks to the passenger front fender and bumper along with what appeared to be palm and finger prints on the hood of the vehicle,” Johnston Police Lieutenant David J. Loffler wrote in the supplemental narrative report. “The engine was still warm, indicating it was recently operated.”

Several North Providence Police units arrive don’t the scene and police from both departments went to Dunston’s apartment.

Dunston allegedly acknowledged that he was “involved in an altercation with a male on Killingly Street, and his story almost matched what was provided by the victim … Darnell stated he did not recall if his vehicle came into physical contact with (the victim),” Loffler wrote.

Dunston was arrested and transported to Johnston Police Headquarters, where police discovered he had an open Superior Court case for Felony Assault/Battery, Vandalism and Disorderly Conduct. Police said that Dunston was also on a 10-year suspended sentence/probation, which began on April 19, 2017, for two counts of Manufacture/Delivery/Possession with Intent to Deliver I/II and will be treated as a violator.


Around 8:30 p.m., Aug. 6, while on patrol in the area of 1640 Hartford Ave., Johnston Police Patrolman Thomas Santurri witnessed a red Hyundai Sonata with Michigan dealer plates traveling west, approximately 10 miles over the 35 mph speed limit.

Santurri initiated a traffic stop and identified the driver as Lucila B. Chaco, of 45 Wakefield Ave., Cranston.

Police said DMV files revealed Chacon had a suspended permit, which had expired in June, 2018, and the registration had expired in February, 2019. The VIN on the vehicle showed it had been inactive and last registered in the state of Maine, but Chacon provided a title that showed the vehicle had been solder to her (though she could not locate the bill of sale), according to the summons report.

Chacon was released from the scene with a District Court Notice to Appear for Driving with a Suspended License (third or subsequent offense, a misdemeanor), and received a RITT Court summons for Operation of Unregistered Vehicle, Improper use of Evidence of Registration and Speeding 1 to 10 mph in Excess. Her car was towed from the scene.


Around 7 p.m., Aug. 9, Johnston Police responded to Stop and Shop at 11 Commerce Way to investigate the report of a woman allegedly yelling at customers in the parking lot. The woman was located and identified as Lauren Smith, of 117 Dante St., Providence.

After checking with the Rhode Island Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (RILETS), police discovered Smith had a hold without bail Fourth District Court warrant for failing to appear on a larceny charge out of the Rhode Island State Police Lincoln barracks.

Smith was arrested and transported to headquarters, allowed to use the telephone and processed without incident.  She was then transported to the Women’s ACI intake.


Around 2:56 p.m., Aug. 10, Johnston Police Patrolman Richard J. Varan was dispatched to the area of the intersection of Atwood Avenue and Route 6 following the report of a motor vehicle crash with injuries. When Varan arrived on scene, he noted one vehicle in the southbound travel lane of Atwood Avenue, and the second vehicle directly behind it.

The first driver told police that he was traveling south on Atwood when the traffic began to slow. After slowing, he said the other vehicle did not come to a stop on time, causing a rear-end collision. Police identified the second driver as Joselin Alonzo, of 120 Merino St., Apt. 2, Providence.

A check with the DMV revealed Alonzo did not have a Rhode Island driver’s license on file. Alonzo was issued a Third District Court summons to appear on charges of Operating a Motor Vehicle without a License and was also issued a summons for Following Too Close/Intervals Between Vehicles.


Around 1:43 p.m., workers at a Johnston business flagged down police to report a shoplifting in process.

During a routine business check, loss prevention officers caught the attention of Johnston Police Patrolman Richard J. Varan, and told him that they had detained two people allegedly involved in a shoplifting.

One of the men, identified as Jorge Crespo, of 124 Charles St., Providence, allegedly selected multiple items throughout the store and placed them in a cart in the hardware department. Loss prevention told police that the cart was then handed off to the other man and proceeded to the service desk. The man, identified as Luis A. Rivera, of 212 Carleron St., Apt. 2, Providence, allegedly returned the items and received a $385.89 refund.

Both men then allegedly took another cart, that had also allegedly been filled with items by Rivera, and pushed it passed all points of purchase and exited the store. Loss prevention approached the men as they were leaving. Both men accompanied the store’s loss prevention officer back inside the store without incident. The contents were valued at several hundred dollars, and included, among other items, 250 feet of wire, brackets, levels, a torch and a propane cylinder, according to the arrest report.

A RILETS check revealed Crespo had 14 charges on his past criminal history. Crespo was arrested and charged with Felony Shoplifting, Shoplifting (Habitual Offender), Obtaining Money Under False Pretenses, and Conspiracy. Rivera was also arrested, transported to police headquarters, and charged with Shoplifting, Obtaining Money Under False Pretenses, and Conspiracy.

Rivera’s vehicle was towed from the scene.


Around 4:30 p.m., while on a fixed post along Plainfield Street, Johnston Police Patrolman Thomas Santurri observed a gray Hyundai Santa Fe travel west, and the driver was allegedly not wearing her seatbelt.

Santurri initiated a traffic stop and identified the driver as Melissa D. Cruz, of 112 Murray St., Apt. 9, Providence. A RILETS check revealed Cruz had an active arrest warrant out of the Cranston Police Department for Vandalism and Disorderly Conduct. Cruz was arrested and Cranston Police Officers responded to the scene to take custody of Cruz.

Cruz was also cited for not wearing her seatbelt.


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