JLL champs honored by Mayor Polisena



“Here’s the champs!” exclaimed Mayor Joseph Polisena as he welcomed a special group of pre-teen boys and their parents to his Executive Chamber inside Johnston Town Hall last Thursday morning. “We are very, very, very proud of you!”

As he has done, during one of the many memorable sessions he’s hosted during his illustrious tenure, Polisena again made it special and rolled out the red carpet to honor the Johnston Little League’s 2022 Town Champion County View Landscaping Athletics.

“You are Johnston,” the mayor continued. “Remember to take this win with you. I’ve always been a big supporter of the valuable programs we have in town. All sports are – and have been – an integral part of recreation here in Johnston.”

Polisena then offered his sincerest congratulations to the coaches for volunteering their time to as well as the players’ proud parents for their extended and untiring support.

The mayor then repeated: “We are very proud of you. Enjoy your accomplishment, but always remember, the most important thing is to stay in school, work and study hard and you will be able to realize more moments like this in the future.”

After which Polisena, as he has done for past JLL Town Champions, presented each member of the A’s with a personalized official commendation that read, in part: “As Mayor, it is always an honor to recognize outstanding accomplishments in our town. Representing all the citizens of Johnston, it is with great pleasure to extend congratulations to you upon winning the 2022 (JLL) Town Championship.”

There was instant applause that concluded with Polisena saying: “It is with great satisfaction to acknowledge you and I would like to express the hope for your continued success in the years to come.”

The 11-member A’s, who were led by Manager Edward Pannone Jr., Anthony Pannone, Eddie Pannone III, Joe Maggiacomo and Jason Schino enjoyed plenty of success en route to winning the JLL’s Major Division coveted crown for 2022.

Sponsor Steve Darienzo’s dynamos, who also won the 2016 and 2017 Town Championship, defeated the Yankees in the first round of the playoffs then beat the previously undefeated Red Sox, 5-2, to stake claim to the title and finished with a 12-3-1 record.

Upon their arrival last Thursday, the A’s were greeted with another honor that flashed across the digital sign in red letters on the digital sign in front of Town Hall that read: “Congratulations JLL 2022 Town Champions.”

The A’s, who were decked out in spiffy green and gold T-shirts that read: “JLL Town Champs 2022 – Job Done” and had their names and numbers on the back.

Aiden Neil was the pitcher and Vincent Tallo the catcher. The infield included Junior Rojas (first base), Nico Capobianco (second) Jalen Johnson (shortstop) and Alex Soto (third base). The outfield included Joe Maggiacomo, Giovanni Gauthier, Mason Lombardi, Ashton Greenhalgh and Leo Celani.


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