Jewish Life TV comes to Rhode Island


On May 31, 2022, Cox launched Jewish Life TV (JLTV), the nation’s largest and most robust English language, Jewish-themed television network in several markets -- including New England.

“It is a powerful statement that at this critical time, Cox Communications is leading the charge in supporting diverse voices by signing a national affiliation agreement with Jewish Life Television,” said Brad Pomerance, JLTV’s Senior Vice President of PrograAmming.

JLTV provides high-quality, English language, Jewish-inspired programming for audiences of all faiths who share an interest in the Jewish experience and the State of Israel. JLTV is the destination for Jewish Americans seeking news, information and entertainment about the Jewish community in the United States and around the world, as well as Christian and other supporters of Jews and the State of Israel, offering cultural and religious Jewish content that is entertaining, engaging and informative across all programming genres.

Cox Communications is committed to creating meaningful moments of human connection through technology. The largest private broadband company in America, Cox serves 7 million homes and businesses across 18 states. Cox is dedicated to empowering others to build a better future and celebrate diverse products, people, suppliers, communities and the characteristics that make each one unique. Cox Communications is the largest division of Cox Enterprises, a family-owned business founded in 1898 by Governor James M. Cox.

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