Hiding the ‘truth’ about Covid

Posted 4/13/22

To the Editor,

I sit here once again writing a Letter to the Editor. This time it’s in response to the article entitled “RIDOH releases Covid-19 updates”, March 3, 2022.  …

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Hiding the ‘truth’ about Covid


To the Editor,

I sit here once again writing a Letter to the Editor. This time it’s in response to the article entitled “RIDOH releases Covid-19 updates”, March 3, 2022.  The article provides information put out by RIDOH regarding testing and vaccination as part of a comprehensive plan to transition from a pandemic to managing an endemic strategy.  It also reports that “...COVID-19 cases have decreased by more than 95% since early January, and the state’s new hospital admissions have decreased by 83% from mid-January to the end of February...”

This is considerably misleading (and likely on purpose), since we’ve never learned exactly how many actual cases of the virus occurred (folks who were actually afflicted with the virus AND were sick from it) versus those reported via testing (PCR testing that was overly sensitive and was never designed or approved for use as a diagnostic tool - merely a measurement tool to determine the presence of a body, not saturation levels necessary to form a conclusion as to ‘having’ the virus in quantities enough to infect AND effect a carrier or infect AND affect others).  Nor did we learn how many actual patients were being treated FOR Covid-19 in hospitals versus those with other health issues WITH Covid-19.  Instead, Rhode Islanders were unfairly coerced into believing and relying on this skewed data to make healthcare decisions for themselves and their families.  This was and remains a huge breach of trust.  What we live with today is a result of several federal and our RIDOH seemingly motivated by politics, not science or healthcare, as they’d like everyone to believe.

The fact that RIDOH has unquestionably followed CDC guidelines offers some of us even greater concerns.  The CDC became political instead of remaining the objective arbiters of America’s response to a disease.  The RIDOH did too, by their own false-science promotion, recommendations for tyrannical mandates to the Governor, and close CDC association.  Not what America and Rhode Island wants or needs, thank you very much.

The CDC has proven to have falsified, skewed, or completely eliminated data (also called scientific fact) from their own website when such data went against the narrative(s) they were promulgating about the virus.  The same can be said about RIDOH.  There are literally mountains of articles written by very intelligent and respected doctors, scientists, epidemiologists, journalists, and every-day Americans that show the gross negligence by the CDC to essentially ‘hide’ the truth in order to maximize their vaccination program.  People have actually been censored, lost jobs, and have had their lives destroyed so COVID-19 could be sold to America as a far greater danger than it actually was/is today.  Some who had strong religious beliefs or were just concerned about having an experimental ‘vaccine’ injected into their bodies were villainized because they didn’t want to “conform”.  And this was done why?  In the name of ‘healthcare’?  That’s not what America was ever about.  That is not what Rhode Island was ever about.

We are now just beginning to see main stream media reporting on some of this but most had already been given attention throughout the ‘pandemic’ by other outlets.  At the time, all were designated as promoters of ‘mis-information’.  Why is it now, all of a sudden, considered ‘science’ and wasn’t then?  It is still based off of the same scientific research, evidence, and conclusions.  Well...this is 2022 after all and an election is coming up very quickly.  See how politics drives the narrative?  It shouldn’t within our RIDOH.

Another questionable move that I’d like to address is that RIDOH is planning on “...coordinating a faith-based vaccination program.  This effort involves a community of worship welcoming a physician to speak and answer questions during a service, and then hosting a vaccination clinic after that service.”  It begs the questions of: Which physician and what data will they offer (i.e, promote)?  Will there be opposing data offered?  Will the speakers address the harms caused by the vaccines?  Will worshippers actually be given a complete picture, or just the one RIDOH wants to promote?  I don’t see any good coming from this.  I see groups of uninformed sheep being led to slaughter (nobody knows if/if not, really) by a perhaps dishonest government agency within the walls of worship.  I don’t think this is a wise idea...and why the heavy push to vaccinate?  It neither protects us from or stops the spread of the virus.

Lastly, RIDOH is planning on-site vaccination clinics at SCHOOLS!  We saw this before where our children (aka ‘students’) were pressured/coerced into taking the ‘vax’ WITHOUT parental consent!  This is not America and certainly not Rhode Island.  Whenever the government is SO eager for the entire population to do something, without INFORMED CONSENT, without sharing ALL THE DATA, and without giving folks a way to OPT OUT, it’ll never end up being a good thing.  Growing up in Rhode Island, I remember hearing a friend of the family suggest that “If the fish stinks, don’t buy it.”   I’m not buying...

Doug McCusker