Ferri hopes for ‘bright future’ with big year

Jaguars look to provide feeder system to JHS


The Ferri girls basketball team had a big winter as it finished the regular season unbeaten to win its division. It would go on to a solid run in the postseason, reaching the state semifinals to wrap up the year.
It was an important step forward for the middle school squad as it looks to stay competitive and provide a strong feeder system to the Johnston High School varsity club. The Lady Panthers also had a nice winter season, finishing in first place and reaching the Division IV finals at the Amica Mutual Pavilion in Providence.
Ferri coach Dan Robbins was proud of his players’ effort this season as they emerged as one of the state’s best units.
“We were a very balanced team, a very strong team and the girls were a pleasure to coach. They were all totally into the game plan from day one. I knew there was talent and from day one they were tuned in. We had a great season, it was phenomenal. We were such a family,” Robbins said.
In terms of the classes, the Jaguars boasted balance and depth with a roster that included five eighth graders, five seventh graders and four sixth graders. The starting lineup included one seventh grader and two sixth graders.
“We’re ready for next year, we’re not going anywhere. I was extremely impressed,” said Robbins, who was able to implement high school schemes with his young bunch. “We had 14 offensive sets, eight defenses, four different zone presses. Six presses (overall). We had high school teams and opposing middle school teams commend what we were doing.”
With both Ferri and Johnston improving and rounding into form these past few months, the name of the game will now be retaining the middle schoolers and building sustainable numbers moving forward as Johnston looks to reestablish itself as one of the state’s top basketball communities.
“Our feeder system, it seems like we’re going to have a good thing going. It’s great to see success and I have a strong belief that we are going to see Johnston High School back on the map for basketball. They have a bright future and we want it to be a well-oiled machine,” Robbins said.
Robbins was also proud of his staff for helping set the tone this past season.
“We have a really, really strong camaraderie going with the team and program. (Assistant coach) Brian Iafrate was a big help to myself and the program. We are very similar, we are not only coaches on the court but in life, and (the team) would not be what it was without him.”


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