“The Truffle Hunters”

is a delightful little movie about elderly truffle hunters in Northern Italy who hold the secret to the locations of the coveted white Alba truffle, refusing to share it with anyone outside their circle.

You will learn more about the art of truffle hunting than you ever imagined, but what makes this movie such a delight is the cast of local characters … and their dogs. It is only an hour and a quarter long, but every minute is a joy. You can catch it at 6:20 p.m.

“Shiva Baby,”

on the other hand is an hour and a half of dullness.

Danielle, a college student, is having an affair with a married man. She attends a shiva with her parents when her lover shows up with his beautiful wife and baby.

The “action” all takes place in a crowded house where friends and relatives drive Danielle crazy with questions about her future, mostly dealing with future plans and boyfriends.

Her best friend, Maya, gets all the attention. Her parents are obsessed with the cheating married man and his wife and daughter, and the movie goes nowhere. ***



is the poignant, sometimes humorous story of Omar, a Syrian refugee who has been sent to a remote island off of Scotland to await asylum.

Not much happens as the mixed bag of refugees gather in a room to hear educational lectures on how to get a job, how to behave correctly, and in one poignant scene, how to tell their own story.

They wander around the flat, cold, windy island, occasionally walking to the lone telephone booth out in the middle of nowhere.

Omar carries his grandfather’s oud (it looks like a sitar) everywhere he goes. He has a cast on his arm and claims to have lost his ability and desire to play.

The movie is quite quirky and melancholy, leading to a touching ending, which makes you ask, “Is that all there is?”

The characters are interesting and the plight of the refugees is touching and largely irresolvable.




is another Spanish-language drama with subtitles that don’t always seem to match up with the actual dialogue.

This drama has the first lady of Mexico accused of killing her husband.

She flees, is hidden by a group of angry rebels, and sets out to find the real killer, but not before upsetting the political and military structure of the country.

The series turns quite violent. The episodes are a little over a half-hour each. I’m finishing the first year and wondering if I can take another year.

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