Conservative leadership is the only way forward


To the Editor:

On the day our federal government allowed for collective bargaining, in 1962, was the day the wheels of ever increasing taxation were put in motion as socialist government labor unions began their march across the country as they are now bankrupting every state and local government.

There's plenty of blame to go around for sure, but the chief culprit for the moral, spiritual, and economic decline of our society can indeed be blamed on the nowadays liberal perverse socialist Democrat Party as the party and these unions are one in the same. The days of asking what you can do for your country are far behind us as many Americans have turned a blind eye to the issues as things continue to unravel. The truth is states that have the highest number of elected Democrats not only have the highest taxes but also worst infrastructure, highest crime rates and insane laws, programs and policies imaginable. As for our state, realizing approximately 90 percent of our politicians are Democrats, it was recently reported on MSNBC that our state is ranked for worst infrastructure and 45th for worst economy.

Realizing our various services are necessities of life it only stands to reason we provide them cost effectively via competition but the unions and party say no. Over the years I ran in 10 local elections, always advocating cost-effective government and highlighting the endless alternatives that would save our town countless millions annually via privatization and school vouchers. In addition, realizing our dismal local infrastructure, we must also consider affordability. For my efforts over those years for speaking the truth I’ve been falsely maligned, ridiculed, and persecuted by our town’s elected and unelected Democrat officials at the behest of the unions.

Candidates considering running for local offices this year need to consider this one basic reform. Develop a website in which residents can log on and read through the contracts in which they can type in any questions regarding costs, i.e. how much was paid out in longevity bonuses, sick days, personal days, grace pay, the costs of life insurance policies, double holiday pay, anniversary bonuses, pension amounts, severance packages, overtime costs for minimal staffing requirements and healthcare costs for retirees etc. Note: The healthcare cost for retirees is approximately $4.3 million annually, longevity bonuses average town workers $3,200 annually, some are over $9,000 and overtimes costs for police and fire can average $32,000 annually. These provisions basically only scratch the surface as our local elected officials turn a blind eye.

Over those years I submitted countless commentaries trying to get residents to have a change of heart to little avail. So let me try this approach in the hopes of waking up the Sleeping Giant of Voter Apathy, which is approximately 40 percent of Rhode Islanders. When I get old and gray I want to die in the comfort of my home. I want financial peace of mind that I deserve for my years of hard work. I want to respect my government and feel good supporting it. I want my children not to have a financial care when they get old. I want to live in a society that understands the necessities to embrace moral absolutes. I want the right to express my concerns and not be fearful of physical harm or be put out of business because of my godly righteous convictions, etc.

In closing, those of you that haven’t been voting, Uncle Sam needs you like never before, other than when our country was attacked in World War II. You need to consider our fellow Americans that gave their lives and limbs and the monumental hardships their loved ones had to endure that continue to this day that so many have little appreciation for. Our national debt is now the equivalent of every man, woman and child owing the $75,589 as we may be on the verge of economic collapse. Conservative leadership is the only way forward that the nowadays Democrat Party scorns.

I’m 70 years young and I’m going down fighting. On the upside local Democrats get approximately 70 percent of votes cast, therefore if more people got involved we could indeed have a brighter future. I hope the readers will take the initiative and pass this commentary around in the hope of changing a few more hearts. Realizing the dire need for sound/conservative leadership that our town is in desperate need of and that our country has indeed been blessed, please vote and perhaps one day you you’ll hear the words, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

Peter A. Filippi III



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