Burns heads to The Preserve as new sales director


It’s the “little niceties,” as well as incomparable caring and compassion, that have made Jen Burns a highly popular and successful executive in the ever-changing long-term care industry.

Even Jon Pistacchio, a lieutenant in the Johnston Fire Department, remembered Burns – his childhood classmate at St. Rocco School – as “tough as nails and extremely smart” and he knew she would be very successful in life.

Other professionals such as Our Lady of Grace pastor Rev. Peter J. Gower, JPD Chief Joseph P. Razza and JFD Battalion Chief Richard Boehm this week heaped words of praise upon a woman who is considered a step above when it comes to caring about others.

“Jen Burns is an amazing individual who is always ready to reach out to the community at large in so many different ways,” said Father Gower, whose many OLG events have been super successes and included Burns’s tireless giving. “She is a very community oriented individual and outreach is so important and that has led to her being a great leader in the community who gives of herself tirelessly.”

Boehm, meanwhile, said Burns, “is the type of person that would drop anything she’s doing to help out” and “she has always given back to the community. She’s been there during the difficult times our department has experienced.”

He was speaking about the JFD, for which Burns hosted a breakfast and lunch for the town’s first responders and ‘she has always helped in the areas fundraising, food and emotions.”

Perhaps that’s why Razza emphasized: “Jen has always been a strong supporter of all first responders, especially members of the Johnston Police Department and for that, we are so supportive and thankful for her acts of kindness. On behalf of all members of the JPD, I’d like to wish her continued success in her new position at The Preserve!”

Burns was recently hired as sales director at The Preserve, an extraordinary, ultra-modern 66-unit supportive independent and assisted living complex that’s nearing completion at the ever-expanding Briarcliffe Campus in Johnston.

Burns being hired came as no surprise to a number of Johnstonians like Pistacchio, who reiterated about Burns: “Fast forward several years, Jen’s marketing skills are remarkable; she will definitely be an asset in her new position as sales director at Braircliffe. As vice president of the JFD union, I truly appreciate Jen’s support for first responders, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, Jen has been in constant contact with us, always asking if there’s anything we need. We can’t thank her enough for that!”

Perhaps Akshay Talwar, the highly respected president and CEO of Briarcliffe, said it best of his newest hire, offering: “We have a strong, compassionate and caring team here at Briarcliffe and we are pleased to welcome Jen Cardullo Burns to the Briarcliffe family. Jen’s experience combined with the fact that she grew up in Johnston and has spent many of her professional years working in town will be a huge benefit to the people she will help. I appreciate Jen’s professionalism and how community involved she is.”

To which NW Links Networking co-chair Christine Soave Crum said of Burns, who grew up in the long-term care community as her newly retired parents were assisted living administrators: “Jen is a very caring and dedicated person. Her knowledge and understanding of what her residents need to be happy, healthy and comfortable in their new home is what makes here shine. She cares, and the residents and their families know it!

“Jen will always go the extra mile to make sure her residents get that they need, even if that means it’s outside of her communities offerings. She is always quick to put the residents first, and will help families connect with exactly what is needed for their comfort and happiness. Jen is a team player in the senior care world, and it puts her in high esteem with her peers. There is nothing more complimentary than that.”

It was a few years ago, as Burns explained, “I decided that I wanted to be as well respected as my parents, but I couldn’t do that in their shadow, I had to be Jen Burns.”

So, she went on to earn an assisted living administrator’s license and began her illustrious career at the former Cortland Place, where she worked for four years before making a move to become sales and marketing director at The Bridge at Cherry Hill.

“The Bridge was my home for close to five years,” Burns offered. “Last month I was offered the position at Briarcliffe, also in my hometown that I love. I’m deeply seeded in the community. Continuing my career here is very important to me because I have made many lasting relationships in town. I was very excited to accept my new position. I love a challenge … I have worked for communities that had unique obstacles but this will be my first time in my career opening a new building.”

The Preserve, Burns assessed “is a one-of-a-kind, incomparable facility and the last component to make the Briarcliffe campus a premier Continuing Care Retirement Center (CCRC).”

Thus, her vast experiences with the ABLTC, The Foundation (Alliance for Better Long Term Care) and RIALA (Rhode Island Assisted Living Association as well as a facilitator for the Assisted Living Administrators Training Program, all make Burns the perfect fit as Sales Director at The Preserve.

Moreover, as Burns explained: “I am super passionate about helping older adults find the right living situation for their needs. I know the life I want for myself one day – and I love being able to help facilitate that for people who are transitioning right now.”

So, while this month is popular for countless college basketball tournaments, it’s March Madness MVP at The Preserve, where Burns and Briarcliffe Marketing Manager Stefany Reed will be conducting private preview tours inside the extraordinary Preserve that will have, as people predict, as many amenities as one would expect to find in a Five Star Hotel.

For more information, please call Burns at 401-529-6854 or Reed at 401-935-0935.